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RICHI ce certificate high performance small wood pellet mill machine for sale

  • Date: 2021-07-07 16:55:48
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When you talk of small wood pellet making machine for biomass fuel, then there is no doubt that you would be referring to a small capacity wood pellet milling machine ranges from 300kg/h-4.5t/h. If you raw material is sawdust or other kinds of biomass powder or dust, a small wood pellet making machine is enought. But if your raw materials is in large pieces such as wood blocks or wood chips, a single pellet machine may not be effective.

The biomass wood pellet mill machine plays a great role in production of wood waste pellets used for heating, cooking and animal bedding. It is able to process raw biomass materials such as sawdust, wood, pine, bamboo, straw, alfalfa, cotton stalk, wheat bran and rice husk. If you are planning for setting up a small scale wood pellet production plant with capacity below 2 tons per hour, our Small Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill is the best choice!

small pellet mill for sale

1. How RICHI small wood pellet machines benefit you?

The reasons that makes these ring die wood pellet mill machines suitable for you include:

  • Turning waste into treasure - with these machines, you can make the most out of your biomass waste which you used to throw away in the past.
  • Reduces costs - the winter season brings about an increased cost of using electricity especially if you are using electricity to heat up your home. If you choose raw wood for heating purposes, you get exposed to harmful polluting gases in addition to incomplete wood combustion. With the pellets, you can burn them in your stove more safely and completely.
  • Our small wood sawdust pellet mill machines are very efficient. The parts are made from high quality materials and processed by an advanced technology. They are also durable and will serve you for many years to come. iv) Widely spread - many people are currently using small biomass fuel wood pellet mill and hence you will be able to connect easily with your neighbors. lts use has spread all over the world making it a popular option for your heating purposes.
  • We offer premium quality service with competitive factory prices for out clients. Please feel free to inquire more details and latest price of RICHI CE Certificate Wood Pellet Mill Machine for sale. In order to assist you better, we have a professional team of salesmen who will assist you choose the best wood pelletizing machine for your wood pellet manufacturing purposes. They will analyze your capacity needs, the biomass wood raw materials and main usage for your wood pellets.

small wood pellet machine

2. Feature Of RICHI Wood Pellet Machine For Sale

  • Level flour reduction gear unit, capacity Increases by 28%.
  • Suitable raw material moisture range increases from 12%~16% to 22%.
  • Gold Motor - High effecient and energy saving motor. Saving about 10% electricity cost every year.
  • Automatic spindle lubrication device.
  • SKF bearings.
  • Advanced cooling system - the utilization rate of press roller butter improved by 15%.
  • Due to unique ring de assembling and independent drive on all parts from feeding to pelletizing and lubricating, our ring die wood pellet making machines are featured of elegant structure design, high output, low power consumption and easy operation.

We can offer both small wood pelletizer, but also commercial wood pelletizing business plan and turnkey project solution from project design to installation and commissioning. Our clients spread to more than 100 countries and regions. If you are searching wood pellet machine manufacturer to buy attractive and reasonable price professional design biomass wood pellet machine for making pellets from wood, sawdust or animal feed, Richi Machinery should be your best choice. Tell us your raw material kind, capacity requirements, final pellets usage and cost budget, then we can offer you a customized wood pelletizing solution and detailed wood pelleting equipment quotation.

The above is the article for you: RICHI ce certificate high performance small wood pellet mill machine for sale.

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