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Based on the major needs of the industrial Internet era, Richi Machinery will provide higher intelligent technology and high-quality services in the feed, biomass energy, and organic fertilizer industries. It will focus on supporting the development of the manufacturing industry with industry chain partners to help customers achieve higher and faster value growth.


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RICHI completed equipment delivery tasks for multiple pellet plant projects

  • Date: 2023-11-22 10:27:23
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The beginning of winter has passed, and the coolness is getting stronger. The production workshop of Richi Machinery is a busy scene. The dedicated workshop personnel complete various production tasks in an orderly manner, ensuring that all equipment is delivered as scheduled, fulfilling the dual commitment to provide customers with high-quality products and efficient delivery.

As a national high-tech enterprise with great growth potential in the industry, Richi Machinery focuses on the research, development, design and manufacturing of animal feed mill machine and engineering. In the process of continuous progress and development, the company has formed a full industry chain covering feed, animal husbandry, agriculture and animal husbandry, aquaculture, biomass, organic fertilizer, cat litter, warehousing, environmental protection and other industries.

RICHI completed equipment delivery tasks for multiple pellet plant projects

Richi Machinery provides customers with one-stop services including plant planning, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance, and subsequent upgrades.

Richi Machinery always strictly controls the quality of each piece of equipment and adheres to dual-cycle development at home and abroad, allowing the company to quickly respond to market changes and customer needs.

Recently, RICHI has successfully completed shipments to many domestic and foreign customers such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Algeria, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and India. RICHI's conscientious service attitude has been widely recognized and praised by customers.

RICHI completed equipment delivery tasks for multiple pellet plant projects

Richi Machinery will continue to adhere to the concept of "quality first, service first" and continuously improve product quality and service levels. While continuously expanding domestic and foreign markets, the company will continue to strengthen technological innovation and research and development, provide customers with more efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly equipment and solutions, and promote the sustainable development of related industries.

Thank you for your trust and support. We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best quality products and services, and work together for mutual benefit and common development!

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