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Mexico 15-20 t/h organic fertilizer production line project was officially put into operation

  • Date: 2023-11-22 10:34:31
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Recently, the Mexico 15-20 t/h bio-organic fertilizer granule production line project undertaken by Richi Machinery was officially delivered. As of press time, the production line has been fully put into production. The entire organic fertilizer production line is running stably and has been recognized and praised by the project party.

The client of this project is well-known in the fields of fertilizers, chemical industry, thermoelectricity, new building materials and other fields.

This organic fertilizer production line project is a key project for the customer based on Mexico policies and corporate development. It is a benchmark project for sincere cooperation between RICHI and the customer. RICHI Machinery is responsible for undertaking the plant planning, production line design and production work and equipment manufacturing tasks of the project.

Mexico 15-20 t/h organic fertilizer production line project was officially put into operation

Relying on RICHI's pelletizing technology advantages, it will "Complete set of technologies and equipment for the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure and sludge C, N, and P" has been transformed and implemented, using sludge biological drying/aerobic composting technology to degrade and transform organic waste through microorganisms. Convert to stable humus, and use biological heat to reduce the moisture content of sludge to achieve resource utilization of organic waste.

The project mainly uses yeast waste liquid to make organic fertilizer. The yeast waste liquid and bran powder inoculant are fully mixed before entering the fermentation tank. After high-temperature fermentation, secondary aging, adding beneficial functional bacteria, medium and trace multi-element ingredients and other production processes, It is deeply processed and packaged into commercial powdered bio-organic fertilizer, granular bio-fertilizer or granular compound microbial fertilizer.

By returning fertilizer to the fields, it achieves the purpose of pollution control and efficient comprehensive utilization. The tail gas collection and treatment device equipped with the project solves the problem of fermentation odor and dust. Pollution problem, the implementation of the project has effectively solved the non-point source pollution problem of local organic waste and provided high-quality organic fertilizer products to the market.

Bio-organic fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer strongly promoted by many countries. The development of organic fertilizers is the need of the situation and the inevitable development. In the future, the replacement of chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers is the direction. Organic fertilizers can effectively solve the key problems of soil acidification and hardening, reduced organic matter content, and reduction in the number of soil microorganisms.

By replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers, we can achieve healthy soil production of the highest quality agricultural products, improve the quality and price of agricultural products, and thereby increase farmers' income. In the future, the use and market of fertilizer will become wider and wider.

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