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1-2t/h Chicken Feed and 1t/h Floating Fish Feed Joint Processing Plant Project in Nukus,Uzbekistan

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This is a customized animal feed joint production line project, 1-2 tons per hour floating fish feed pellet production line and 2 tons chicken feed pellet production line. The configuration of the feed production line is exactly the same as our project in Giza. The main equipment of the project includes: 37KW feed mill, 500kg/batch horizontal feed mixer, 90KW floating fish feed extruder, 22kw animal feed pelletizing Machine, SKLN11*11 particle cooler, vibration translation machine, automatic packaging machine, 1t/h steam boiler, etc.

乌兹别克斯坦努库斯1-2t / h鸡饲料和1t / h浮鱼饲料联合加工厂项目
Uzbekistan Nukus 1-2t/h chicken feed and 1t/h floating fish feed combined processing plant project

There was only half a year between the signing of the two projects, but this project only needs one type of ring die, because this customer from Nukus did not need to produce cattle feed and goat feed, so he only needs to buy the pellet mill machine ring die that can produce 3.5mm chicken feed.

During the installation process of this project, in line with customer's production needs, Richi Machinery team patiently trained the customer's operators. Under the condition that the local installation team was not good enough, the team took the lead in guiding the construction and rectification work of the whole workshop, and communicated with the company designer to provide design rectification plan. In addition, RICHI team attached great importance to the commission work and solved the problems at the first time to ensure the smooth progress of production.

Throughout the project, RICHI team was always meticulous, serious and responsible, and finally won the high recognition from customer with standardized project design, high-quality installation technology and strict installation standards.

The above is the article for you: 1-2t/h Chicken Feed and 1t/h Floating Fish Feed Joint Processing Plant Project in Nukus,Uzbekistan. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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