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Rabbit feed granulator and feed formula

  • Date: 2020-01-25 09:02:28
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The rabbit feed pelletizer, as the name suggests, is a machine that specializes in producing pellets for rabbits to eat. Rabbits are mainly green fodder, supplemented with about one or two concentrated feed every day. These feeds need to be pressed and shaped by a granulator. According to the nutritional content contained in the feed, they must be supplemented to meet the various nutritional components required for the growth and development of the hare.

Rabbit feed formula is the basis of rabbit production. It is not only related to the performance of rabbit production, but also directly related to the economic benefits of rabbit production operators. In rabbit production, the cost of feed can account for more than 70% of the cost of feeding. Therefore, formulating a reasonable feed for rabbits is the first issue that rabbit producers should consider.

Rabbit feed granulator

1.Principle of rabbit feed preparation

Feed must be diversified to meet the needs of rabbits for various nutrients; no less than 3 kinds of concentrates in feed, and the proportion must be appropriate to make up for the lack of nutrients; pay attention to the palatability of the feed, rabbits like Eat a feed that is high in fiber, but high fiber will reduce the nutritional level of the feed. Adding fat to feed can improve palatability, but the content should not be too high, otherwise it can cause digestive tract diseases; rabbits do not like to eat finely ground feed, but prefer to eat pellets. It is better to eat plant protein than animal protein. Like to eat sweet feed, you can increase appetite by adding 3% sugars to the pellets; regularly add appropriate antibiotics and anticoccidial drugs to the feed.

Adding medicines has no direct nutritional effect, but it can promote growth and prevent certain diseases. However, it will cause drug resistance after being used for a certain period of time, and it will remain in the rabbit body, which will cause adverse effects. Therefore, commercial meat rabbits should stop using antibiotics and anticoccidial drugs about 10 days before the sale. In order to reduce the cost of feed, local feed should be used according to local conditions and premise on meeting nutritional requirements.

2. Requirements for rabbit feed preparation

Fat: maintenance feed should contain 2% to 4%, production feed should contain 3% to 6%; nitrogen-free extracts: maintenance feed should contain 42% to 50%, production feed should contain 44% to 52%; crude protein: The range of rabbit protein requirements varies greatly.

For non-produced adult rabbits, 12% to 15% of the crude protein in the feed is sufficient. The crude protein content of 6-month-old or older rabbits in the growth or fattening stage should be 16% to 18%. Female rabbits 2 weeks pregnant or early lactation should be fed a diet containing 24% to 26% crude protein.

Rabbit feed formula
Rabbit feed formula

In order to obtain maximum production, rabbits and lactating female rabbits can only rely on concentrated feed to obtain the necessary energy and protein. The energy and protein requirements of long-haired rabbits vary greatly during the shearing interval. The content in the first 1/3 stage of the interval should be increased correspondingly compared to the latter 1/3 stage. If the quality of the protein is too poor, its requirement can be increased by 50%. If rabbit breeders prepare their own mixes, the nutritional content of the feed should be increased by 20% to 30%. If there is insufficient protein in the feed, it will reduce the feed intake of the rabbit.

Special attention should be paid to the appropriate amount of sulfur-containing amino acids in the feed of long-haired rabbits and growing rabbits is about 0.7%; ash: the ash content in all rabbit feed should be 5% to 6.5%; cellulose: in order to reduce feed costs, maintenance Rabbits should be fed a feed with a high crude fiber content, approximately 16% to 22%. The crude fiber content of rabbit feed should be 12% ~ 16%. Many studies have shown that non-digestible fiber has the effect of preventing enteritis; vitamins: adding an appropriate amount of vitamin B6 to the feed has the effect of increasing weight gain and accelerating blood clotting, which is very important for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis.

Meat rabbits have a greater demand for vitamin D, while long-haired rabbits require less; minerals: the calcium content of feed should not exceed 1%. To prevent the occurrence of calcium deposits, the content of phosphorus is preferably not more than 10 grams per kilogram of feed, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 2: 1, or slightly higher than this value. When the copper content in the feed is 0.02%, the incidence of calcium deposits can be reduced. When the minimum amount of potassium in the feed is not less than 3%, it helps to improve the digestibility of crude fiber. Minerals are preferably added in the form of feed additives.

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