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Cost Estimation of Biomass Pelletizer Production Line in China in 2020

  • Date: 2020-01-19 09:05:00
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Biomass pellet machine
Biomass pellet machine

Biomass pellet machine is a kind of biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly uses agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as wood chips, straw, rice husks, bark and other biomass as raw materials. Through pretreatment and processing, it is solidified into high-density particulate fuel. Let ’s take China as an example to introduce the cost estimate of China's biomass pellet machine production line in 2020. The following expenses are calculated in RMB, as follows:

1. Raw material acquisition cost: It is estimated to be 100-200 RMB depending on the type of raw materials and the transportation distance.

2. Raw material pre-processing cost: straw materials need to be pulverized using a straw pulverizer. What is the power consumption of crushing? Taking corn straw as an example, a 18.5kw straw crusher crushes 1.5 tons per hour for 1 yuan per ton, equivalent to 12 yuan / ton. Crushing labor costs, 2 people, 15 tons per day, 80 yuan per person per day, equivalent to 10.7 yuan per ton labor cost;

3. Biomass pellet machine molding cost: The power consumption of the biomass pellet machine is 45kw of main machine power, and 2 tons of finished products are pressed per hour, 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour, equivalent to 22.5 yuan per 1 ton straw briquetting machine. Forming labor cost, 3 people, 20 tons per day, 80 yuan per person per day, equivalent to 12 yuan per 1 ton labor cost;

Biomass Pellet Production Line
Biomass Pellet Production Line

4. Mold loss cost: 300 tons of replacement molds, 1,500 yuan per set of molds, equivalent to about 5 yuan per mold mold loss;

5. Cost of finished product measurement and packaging: 30 yuan.

6. Other costs: The daily living water, electricity, land rent, equipment maintenance, management and other miscellaneous expenses of the site total 30 yuan.

The total production cost per ton is about: 150 + 12 + 10.7 + 22.5 + 12 + 5 + 30 + 30 = RMB272.2.

Cost Estimation of Biomass Pelletizer Production Line in China in 2020
Cost Estimation of Biomass Pelletizer Production Line in China in 2020

The current market price of biomass fuel is 420-600 per ton. The net profit per ton of products is calculated at the lowest market price of 420 minus the total cost per ton of 272.2 yuan = the net profit per ton of 147.8 yuan.

The annual output and processing capacity of the project: Calculated based on only 150 days per year multiplied by 20 tons per day, which equals 3,000 tons per year. The annual net income is 3,000 yuan per year and net profit of 147.8 yuan per ton = 443,400 yuan.

MZLH320 granulating complete set of equipment: the unit produces 1000-3000 tons of granules per year, the power of granulating main machine is 55KW, there are sawdust machine, drum sieve, drum dryer, mixer, sieving and composition. The process is simple, easy to operate, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

MZLH420 granule complete set of equipment: The unit has an annual output of 3500-8000 tons, and the power of the granulator is 90kw. It consists of a mower, a pulverizer, a mixer, a storage bin, a granulator, a cooler, a classification screen, a packaging scale, and a unit structure. Compact and small footprint.

MZLH858 granulation complete set: The unit has an annual output of 10,000-40000 tons, and the power of the granulator is 280kw. The unit integrates disposal, screening, secondary crushing, vulcanization bed drying, fine powder, sieving, granulation, cooling, sieving. , Storage, packaging and other processes, steel frame structure, three-dimensional installation, stable performance and easy operation.

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