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4-5T/H pellet machine production line equipment configuration

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Sawdust pellet machine is a new biomass energy equipment and a pelletizing equipment for sawdust pellet production. It uses eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit wood, bamboo shavings and crop straws as raw materials. , Cooling, packing and other processes to make finished wood pellets.

4-5T / H wood pellet machine parameters

Model: MZLH520

Output: 2.0-2.5t / h

Number of units: 2 (One use, one preparation)

Total power: 110 / 132kw

Output size: 8-10 mm diameter wood pellets

Annual output of 9600 tons in two shifts

Production staff: 10 people

4-5T/H pellet machine production line equipment configuration
4-5T/H pellet machine production line equipment configuration

Configuration process description:

1. Raw material cleaning production line: waste foams, sawdust, and bark produced by furniture factories or lumber factories pass through special raw material conveyors. After removing iron, enter the raw material cleaning screen to remove large chunks, rope ends, etc. Then, the raw materials of different moisture and different wood are mixed uniformly through a mixer, and then iron, steel, stones, etc. are removed by the air transportation system, and then transported to the granulation broken arch warehouse.

2. Granulation workshop: The raw materials required by the fan to transport moisture are sent to a special granulation silo for granulation.

3. The granulated material passes through a skirt belt conveyor to the cooler. After the material is cooled, it is sent to the classification screen by the belt conveyor for classification. Qualified biological particles enter the finished product bin, and the powder enters the raw material bin from the recycling system to be re-granulated.

wood pellet machine equipment
wood pellet machine equipment

Product characteristics of wood pellet machine equipment:

1. Strong adaptability: suitable for large and medium-sized production lines, with an output of more than 2 tons per hour of wood pellets.

2. The structure of the equipment is beautiful in appearance, high in output, low in power consumption, easy to use, and reliable in work.

3. The internal structure of the hollow shaft, main shaft, gear uses imported SKF bearings.

4. The frequency conversion motor is used for feeding. It is equipped with an overload protection device, an external discharge mechanism, a feeder and a conditioner, which can ensure that the current of the host is stable.

5. In view of the characteristics of high temperature and high humidity in the granulation cavity of wood pellets, the main door cover and the forced feeding shell are made of stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust in 10 years.

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