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Is it feasible to feed goats with whole feed? Benefits of goats eating pellets

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We know that goats are herbivores. Would it be feasible to feed goat pellets all year round? Hear what the experts of the RICHI pellet machine manufacturer say, is it good for goats to eat pellet feed all year round?

Many people are skeptical of feeding goats with whole feed. It is scientifically possible, but goats are herbivores and require a lot of forage. Processing pellets requires crushing the coarse feed, and of course adding concentrate, vitamins, minerals, and flavors to feed the goats. This method is feasible, and it has also been used abroad. Some large goat farms in China have also developed and processed goat full-price pellet feed to raise goats, and have achieved very satisfactory results.

Is it feasible to feed goats with whole feed
Is it feasible to feed goats with whole feed

Goat benefits of eating pellets?

1. Long storage time

The powdery feed itself has a moisture content of about 15%, and is easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate and agglomerate, and it is worth feeding. After the powdered feed is processed into pellets, part of the water is lost. The moisture content of the processed pellets is about 13%, which meets the requirements of the standard. The pellets can be stored for 3 to 4 months without spoilage under good storage conditions. The feed is more 2-3 months.

2. Promote the growth and development of goats

Due to the smooth surface, high hardness, and deep maturity of the processed pellets, breeding goats and meat goats like to eat, chewing well, high digestion and utilization, and promoting growth and development of breeding goats and meat goats.

3. good palatability

After the feed is processed, it can increase flavor, stimulate appetite of goats, increase feed intake, and improve feed digestibility.

4. the provincial feed

Feeding powdered feed to goats is easy to throw, which makes the goats picky. When the wind blows, the feed will fly, causing waste, and the feed utilization rate is only 92%. After changing to feed pellets, goats cannot picky eaters, the feed utilization rate can reach 99%, and the feed utilization rate can be increased by 7%.

5. Labor-saving labor

Formulate mixed feed for goats. Generally, one worker can feed more than 20-30 goats.

Benefits of goats eating pellets
Benefits of goats eating pellets

Formula of pellet feed

Ram species (%): corn meal 46, bran 20, bean cake 28, fish meal 4, bone meal 1.3, and salt 0.7.

Breeding ewe (%): corn meal 53, bran 26, bean cake 18, fish meal 1, bone meal 1, table salt 1.

Lamb press (%): corn meal 48.5, bran 10, bean cake 36, fish meal 4, bone meal 1, table salt 0.5.

According to the above feed formula, the pellet feed is processed by the pellet feed machine to feed goats, which not only saves labor, saves goat feed, reduces goat raising costs, improves work efficiency, but also promotes growth and development and increases goat profit.

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