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Manufacturer of wheat straw pellet machine and granulators for sale

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Wheat straw pellet machine is a new biomass energy processing equipment, which is mainly used for deep processing of crop straw. The formed pellets can be used as straw pellet fuel, mainly used in industrial boilers and biomass power plants. It can also be used as straw pellet feed for cattle and sheep feeding.

Manufacturer of wheat straw pellet machine
straw pellet machine

Richi mechanical wheat straw granulator

CAPACITY: 0.3-4.5T / H

MAIN POWER: 37kw-280KW



APPLICATION: Wheat Straw Pellets Industry

Common supporting equipment and functions of wheat straw pellet machine:

1. Crusher: Crush the raw materials, control the size of the raw materials to 3-5mm

2, dryer: raw material drying, control raw material water volume at 15-18%

3. Granulator: granulating raw materials, processing raw materials into 6-20mm diameter granules

wheat straw pellet machine
wheat straw pellet machine

Features of wheat straw pellet machine:

1. High degree of automation, simple operation.

2. Material adaptability: suitable for the molding of various biomass materials.

3. The mold can be changed to control the particle diameter.

3. The pressure roller can be adjusted automatically, the material is not crowded, and the machine is not stuffy to ensure the stability of the material forming.

Daily maintenance of wheat straw pellet machine:

1.The lubricating parts of each part should be filled with clean and sufficient grease.

2.The equipment should be installed smoothly, adjust the belt tightness. Clean the processing site to prevent metal objects from mixing into the machine.

3. Regularly check whether the abrasive tools in the equipment are excessively worn, and if necessary, perform maintenance and replacement in a timely manner.

4.Release the clearance adjusting bolt on the roller bearing seat, so that the equipment is in a no-load state, and can be put into use after starting and running normally.

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