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Is it cheaper to buy a pellet machine than pellet?

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Why do more and more farms like to buy feed pellet machines now? Is it cheaper to buy a feed pellet machine than to buy pellet feed? How much cost can a feed pellet machine save them in a year? Read this article carefully, I believe you will definitely get the answers you want.

Is it cheaper to buy a pellet machine than pellet?
Is it cheaper to buy a pellet machine than pellet?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for pork, beef, chicken, and mutton is also increasing. Now we all talk about ecology, green and environmental protection. If you want to eat pure green, naturally farmed pork, then you must mention ecological farming. Anyone who has raised pigs, cattle, and sheep knows that if you want to raise a good pig, cattle, and sheep, it is a waste of time, a waste of space, and a waste of feed. However, the pigs raised in this way are generally more expensive than ordinary pigs, cattle, and sheep, which stimulates more farms to start developing in the direction of ecological pigs, cattle, and sheep. At this time, the feed pellet machine becomes particularly important. Because investing in a pig feed pellet machine is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly, it can not only reduce food input, but also make reasonable use of the site, and can also double the income, so more farmers have joined in.

feed pellet
feed pellet

Animal feed pellet production line is selected according to the output of one hour. If the one-hour output is 1-2 tons, then use the SZLH250 type granulator; if the one-hour output is 5-7 tons, then use the SZLH350 type granulator; if the one-hour output is 8-10 tons, Then use the SZLH420 granulator; different models have different prices. For example, the price of a 1-ton granulator is about $ 2,000.00-$ 10,000.00 / Sets.

Is it cheaper to buy a pellet mill than a pellet mill? If our field scale is relatively large, it is still recommended to buy feed pellet machines. After all, in the long run, it is more cost-effective to buy a pellet mill than pellet feeds. The feed pellet machine produced by the Richi factory can not only process pig feed, but also cow, horse, rabbit, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, and fish feed pellets. Welcome to consult and buy!

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