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Feed pellet machine quality price after sale, which point is the most important?

  • Date: 2020-01-15 09:30:58
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Feed pellet machine quality, performance, energy consumption, price and after-sales, which is the most important?

Feed pellet machine quality price after sale
straw Feed pellet machine quality price after sale

1. Quality of straw feed pellet machine: Quality directly affects production efficiency. The quality of the straw feed pellet machine here is not only the thickness and material of the plate, but also some spare parts such as molds and pressure rollers, including whether the motor is a pure copper motor, or the same as the national standard. Need to communicate clearly before buying. If you have time, you can go to the factory to test the machine yourself, and then determine the quality of the straw feed pellet machine by your own perception.

2. Performance of straw feed pellet machine: Performance is a factor that affects whether the feed pellet machine is prone to failure. For example, some small manufacturers use manual welding, so uneven welding points may cause failure. Generally speaking, the welding of large manufacturers uses robot welding, the welding points are uniform, and the dynamic balance verification is also machine verification, which is more stable than manual balance.

3. Energy consumption of the straw feed pellet machine: The energy consumption reflects the user's waste of electricity and feed materials. Generally speaking, the power consumption of the feed pellet machine is related to the power of the motor. Straw feed pellet machines made by large manufacturers are generally more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and users can buy them with confidence.

straw feed pellet
straw feed pellet

4. Price of straw feed pellet machine: Whether it is purchased by feed mills or farms, price is an important reference standard, but it is not the only standard. If the two feed pellet machines are exactly the same, and the motor power and material are the same, the price can be much different. Then it is recommended that users choose formal manufacturer as well. After all, after buying the straw feed pellet machine also how to use 5 6 year, if the choice is not good, it will not be a day or two.

5. After-sale of straw feed pellet machine: The power of the brand is intangible. When buying straw feed pellet machine, the brand guarantee can make the whole purchase process more secure. And the use period of straw feed pellet machine is generally between 3-10 years, so there is still a great possibility of interoperability after sales. If you choose an informal manufacturer at random, parts need to be replaced, other feed machinery manufacturers Can't match. That would be more troublesome.

The above are 5 aspects that are organized for you. Users can refer to the above summary and make their own purchases. We can choose straw feed pellet machine is not the most expensive, but must choose suitable.

The above is the article for you: Feed pellet machine quality price after sale, which point is the most important?.

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