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Straw pellet mill is a good device for turning waste into treasure, a new way for comprehensive utilization of straw

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According to the introduction of related information, straw forage contains more than 0% carbohydrates, 2-4% protein, and 0.5-1% fat. After processing, not only its composition remains unchanged, but also after the straw pellet machine high - temperature autoclave sterilization, so that the straw pellets become high-quality forage for cattle and sheep.

Straw pellet mill is a good device for turning waste into treasure
Straw pellet mill is a good device for turning waste into treasure

First, straw energy

Straw has the characteristics of high calorific value and low emission of harmful gases, and can be used as a high-quality biomass raw material for energy utilization. This can reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas. At present, the energy utilization methods of straw in China mainly include: direct combustion heating, gasification, liquefaction and carbonization.

Second, straw feed

The organic matter in the straw accounts for half of the crops, so the straw has high nutritional value and can be used as animal feed. However, there are a lot of indigestible substances such as lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose in the straw, and eating directly as feed will not only cause a serious rough feeling, but also it is not conducive to livestock digestion. In order to meet the growth needs of livestock, people have now treated straw through physical treatment methods, chemical treatment methods, and microbial fermentation.

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