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Optimum particle size of pig feed pellets

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Pig granulated feed made with the best grain size ingredients will bring maximum feed utilization, best production performance and health, and highest economic benefits. The optimal particle size of pig feed particles is inseparable from the pig feed particle machine. Let's take a look at the test of the effect of particle size on pig production performance.

Optimum particle size of pig feed pellets
Optimum particle size of pig feed pellets

1.Weaned piglets

An experiment at Kansas State University investigated the effect of particle size on the performance of weaned piglets. In this test, 192 piglets with an initial weight of 6.80 kg to 8.16 kg were fed a corn or sorghum-based diet.

The grain is pulverized using a hammer mill or a roller mill. The hammer mill uses a 3.175 mm (539 μm to 624 μm) or 6.35 mm (722 μm to 877 μm) sieve. By adjusting the gap or feed rate of the drum, each grain is pulverized into fine particles of 822 μm to 855 μm or coarse particles of 1 147 μm to 1 217 μm.

It is known from experiments that fine crushing or rolling can reduce the average particle size of raw materials in the diet. Although the particle size has no significant effect on ADG in pigs, fine crushing or rolling can increase pig feed conversion. Combining data from cereal types and processing methods, and categorizing them by particle size only, the increase in feed conversion appears to be due to improved nutrient digestibility.

2.Growth-fattening pigs

For growing pigs, when the feed grain size is reduced from 900 μm or larger to 500 μm, the daily weight gain of the pig is hardly affected, but the average daily feed intake can be reduced, resulting in an increase in feed conversion rate.

For fattening pigs, several studies have shown that when the size of crushed feed is less than 500 μm (the smallest particle size detected), the feed conversion rate of pigs is increased. Studies in the 1990s showed that for every 100 μm reduction in feed particle size, F / G improved by 1.2%. Recent studies have shown that for every 100 μm reduction in feed particle size, F / G can be improved by 1%.

3.Lactating sows

A study of 100 lactating female pigs by Mr. Wang et al at Kansas state university found that It was found that the feeding of lactating sows was performed using a roller mill (1200 μm) or a hammer mill (equipped with 9.525mm, 3.175mm or 1.191mm sieve). A corn-based ration of 1 200 μm, 900 μm, 600 μm, or 400 μm. The results showed that when the feed particle size was reduced from 1200 μm to 400 μm, the weight of weaned piglets increased linearly (P <0.05), and the feed intake also increased linearly with the decrease of feed particle size (P <0.05); , Energy and protein digestibility all increase with decreasing feed particle size. In fact, as feed particle size decreases, increased nutrient digestibility is the cause of weight gain in litter weaned piglets.

Optimum particle size of pig feed pellets
Optimum particle size of pig feed pellets

The optimal particle size of pig feed pellets is determined by the breed of feed material and the growth stage of the pig. The physiological characteristics of pigs, the effect of crude fiber on pig physiology, and pig feeding and Pig Feed Pellet Production Line should be considered. In short, the effect of feed particle size on pig performance will interact with pig age, grain type and feed particle size.

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