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Size and quality of feed pellets in pig production

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Pellet feed processing technology has been used for many years, and pellet feed has been widely used in livestock and poultry breeding (including pig breeding). Pellet feed for pigs can be made from a single feed or a formulated full-price feed through compression techniques. The pellets produced are usually cylindrical and come in different sizes.

Size and quality of feed pellets in pig production
Size and quality of feed pellets in pig production

The beneficial effects of pelleted feed on pig performance

Compared with diets containing larger particles, the finely pulverized raw materials in pelleted feed can further increase the average daily weight gain and feed conversion rate of pigs. This effect results from the improvement of feed palatability, the reduction of feed loss and the improvement of nutrient utilization. In fact, one of the main reasons for processing pig feed into pellet feed is to give full play to the finely ground characteristics of feed ingredients.

There are two ways to express the particle size of pig feed: feed particle diameter and feed crushing particle size (degree of crushing of raw materials). Traditionally, piglets prefer smaller diameter feed pellets, while larger pigs prefer larger diameter feed pellets. However, a large number of experiments have shown that the diameter of feed particles does not significantly affect pig performance, and particle size is a major factor affecting feed quality and then pig performance .

Feed Pellet Machine
Pig Feed Pellet Machine

The impact of particle size on particle quality

1.Effect on the uniformity of nutrients

In terms of the mixing process, if there are many types of raw materials used in the feed, small particles mean that the mixing process of the feed ingredients is slower, but the mixing uniformity is higher, which can ensure the uniformity of nutrients.

2.Effects on feed pelleting

As far as the feed pelleting process is concerned, the finely pulverized feed material has a large surface area, so it can be fully tempered and solidified, and water and heat can completely penetrate into it; therefore, the pelleted feed has better adhesion Features and high stability. At the same time, pulverizing the finer raw materials can reduce the wear of the mold, thereby improving the efficiency of granulation.

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