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Can I buy a low price pellet machine?

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We know that the feed industry is a big industry in pellet manufacturing. When buying pellet mills, users cannot just look at price alone. Granulator quality and after-sales service of manufacturers are important reference indicators. Can I buy a low price pellet machine? RICHI tells everyone not to buy.

We know that “You get what you pay off ”, the market price of granules is also in a range. As long as it's within the price range, it's just a little bit higher and a little bit lower, users must be very careful if it is lower than the normal market price. Don't be greedy for cheap and make a big loss.

Can I buy a low price pellet machine
Can I buy a low price pellet machine

At the beginning of 2020, both large-scale manufacturers, small manufacturers, and small workshops are actively destocking. Among them, many manufacturers of feed machines are mixed into it, for their own self-interest, inferior feed machines are sold to customers. At this time, farmers should not be deceived by the "low price" gimmicks.

In comparison, inferior feed machinery has the characteristics of rough workmanship and short service life. In the actual production process, machine shakes and even harsh noises occur from time to time. Some farmers directly point out "the bearings of inferior feed machines." The frequency of damage is very high. "As a result, not only the production of feed machinery is difficult to maintain stable, but also the output is severely reduced.

Practice has proved that the use of inferior feed pellet machine not only affects the processing quality of feed pellets, but also is not wear-resistant, and it is prone to cracking and other problems. If such equipment is selected for production, not only will the capital investment caused by frequent maintenance be wasted, but more serious, there will be a large hidden danger of production safety, which will ultimately affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Therefore, users must keep their eyes open when purchasing, make more inquiries, and purchase products from regular manufacturers and channels.

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