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Puffed shrimp will usher in broad development space

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Puffed shrimp will usher in broad development space

International market in recent years:

Shrimp feed puffing, as a mature technology, has been widely promoted in Europe and the United States and the use of expansion machine for shrimp production and processing.Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, have also adopted puffing machines instead of granulators to produce shrimp feed.Puffed shrimp is growing rapidly elsewhere and is about to completely replace pelleted shrimp.

Comparison of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp
Comparison of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp

Advantages of puffed shrimp:

1. The formula has strong adaptability;

2. The proportion of fish meal used in puffed shrimp formula can be greatly reduced;

3. The cost of raw materials other than fish meal can be lower;

4. Lower cost starch materials can be used to reduce the amount of flour;

5. The fishmeal index does not need too many restrictions;

6. It is not necessary to use the binder in puffed shrimp;

Taken together, the puffed shrimp recipe has a potential cost reduction of $ 60-120 per ton compared to the pelleted shrimp recipe.

Comparison of the cost of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp
Comparison of the cost of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp

Other advantages of puffed shrimp:

1. The sales price of puffed shrimp is higher;

2. Using puffed shrimp stock, shrimp mortality is low;

3. There is no water pollution problem in puffed shrimp;

4. The digestion and conversion rate of extruded shrimp is higher than that of granulated shrimp. The extruded shrimp has a higher meat-to-meat ratio, and the use of extruded shrimp can reduce the use of 10% of the feed. );

5. The puffing production line is more flexible than the pellet machine production line, which can allow the production of a wider range of formulas, and is more suitable for the needs of different aquatic animals.

 Investment-to-benefit ratio of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp

 Investment-to-benefit ratio of puffed shrimp and pelleted shrimp

Note: The above data is based on a production line with a capacity of 5 tons / hour;One year will pay back the additional $ 1 million spent on equipment investment.

Case: Uzbekistan 5T/H Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Line

Name:Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Line

Date:Nov 21th,2017


Feed Pellet Size:Powder and pellet,fish feed pellet size 1.5mm

The install period:30 Days

Workshop size(L*W*H):8m*5m*14m

Main Raw material:Corn, wheat,Soybean Meal, Fish Meal,and other grain.

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