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What are the common feed dust removal equipment in processed feed

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The appearance of dust will not only cause discomfort to users, but also cause a certain degree of hidden dangers. Therefore, in the process of processing feed, it is particularly important to achieve effective dust removal.

So what are the common feed dust removal equipment? Our common feed dust removal equipment includes: fan, brake dragon, dust bag and pulse dust collector. All these feed dust removal equipment have the effect of reducing dust. So what specific functions do they have? Which one is more suitable for our current farmers? Let's take a look together.

feed dust removal equipment
feed dust removal equipment

First, feed dust removal equipment-fan and cyclone dust collector;

Cyclone dust collector is one of our common feed dust removal equipment, which is often used for dust removal of multi-functional feed grinders. Because multi-purpose feed mills generally crush straw or forage feed materials. The raw material is lighter, so more dust is generated. Then you can use cyclone dust collector. Because the fan of the multi-functional feed mill can blow the dust into the cyclone dust collector, through the free fall, the dust emission can be reduced.

Can the fan also be used for dust removal? Generally speaking, the combination of the fan and cyclone dust collector can help the feed cooler to remove dust. By connecting the counterflow cooler, Blower and fan. It can not only help the effective exhaust of the counterflow cooler, but also reduce the dust pollution extracted by the counterflow cooler. The use of fans and cyclone dust collector can also be considered a relatively high cost performance.

Second, feed dust removal equipment-pulse dust collector  

When it comes to pulse dust collectors, some farmers may ignore this "guy". Pulse dust collector is usually installed next to the crushing section of the drop feed mill, integrated powder unit or pellet feed unit. The effect of the pulse dust collector is relatively prominent. Generally, the common models include 4 bags of square pulses, 6 bags of square pulses, 6 bags of round pulses, 9 bags of square pulses, 9 bags of round pulses and 12 bags of square pulses.

Third, feed dust removal equipment-dust bag

Speaking of dust bag, I believe many farmers are more familiar with it, because it is cheaper, and the effect of suppressing dust is better. For example, the feed crushing and mixing machine often used by farmers is fixed with a dust bag. Of course, the factory in the delivery of the machine, will correspondingly send some more。To prevent too much dust, inconvenience caused by failure to clean up in time.

Based on the above-mentioned feed dust removal equipment, as farmers, most of them use dust bag. Of course, in feed processing plants and large-scale farms, the application of brake dragons and pulse dust collectors is also quite extensive.

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