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Cattle Feed Production Line With An Annual Output Of 30000 Tons

  • Date: 2020-08-07 08:38:48
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Today, a user consulted the cattle feed pellet production line, he said:"It is pleasure to contact you today, we are looking for cattle feed production lines with 30000 ton annually so we would like to get the full production line for feeds ASAP."For a cattle feed production line with an annual output of 30000 tons, how much do we need to convert into an hour's output? So that we can recommend suitable machinery and equipment.

Cattle Feed Production Line
Cattle Feed Production Line

30000 tons of cattle feed a year, if you produce 16 hours a day, 300days a year, 30000/300/16 ≈ 6.25 ton. If it produces 8 hours a day, 30000/300/8≈12.5 tons. Then we can estimate that 6-13 tons of feed pellets are needed for one hour.

5-7 Ton/Hour Cattle Feed Production Line

  • Name: cattle Feed Production Line
  • Output: 5-7 Ton/Hour, 30000 Tons/Year
  • Grain hammer mill: SFSP66*60 (55 kw)
  • Mixer: SLHSJ2.5 (15 kw)
  • Pellet Mill: SZLH 350 (56.5 kw)
  • Conditioner: TZ38*2000 stainless steel. (2.2 kw)
  • Total Power: 227 Kw.
  • Production line Floor space: 11m * 14.2m * 23.2m ( L * W * H)
Feed Production Line
Feed Production Line Cases

8-10 Ton/Hour Cattle Feed Production Line

  • Name: cattle Feed Production Line
  • Output: 8-10 Ton/Hour, 30000 Tons/Year
  • Grain hammer mill: SFSP66*80 (110 kw)
  • Mixer: SJHS2A (22 kw)
  • Pellet mill: SZLH 420 (112 kw)
  • Conditioner: stainless steel TZ38*2000 (2.2 kw)
  • Pellet Crumbler: SSLG15*150 (11 kw)
  • Other equipment.
  • Total Power: 377 kw
  • Production line floor space: 11m * 11m * 25m ( L * W * H)

Is It Good For cattles To Eat Feed Pellets?

Feeding cattles with feed pellets is considered from cattles’ digestive physiological characteristics. cattles have hard teethes and developed masticatory muscle. So feeds with hard texture and soft surface conform to cattles. cattle has fast metabolism and strong servitude thus feeds’ residence time in the stomach is short. Feeds with small size and balanced nutrition are good. cattle’s intestinal tract is uneven in thickness therefore they have bad ability in digesting low-quality coarse feeds. Feed pellets are produced based on the nutrition needs of cattle, adopt scientific formula and mix a variety of raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then with a series of processing to form the final pellets. So pellet feed owns balanced nutrition content and good palatability for cattle farming. Feed pellets are the concentrated feeds with higher conversation rate then cattles can better digest them. The pellet’s hard texture and good palatability can increase cattle’s feed intake and improve the production property. So feed pellets are tailored for cattles.

Feed Pellets
Feed Pellets

How to Make cattle Feed Pellets?

  • First, raw ingredients have to ground into powder, so one cattle feed hammer mill is a must for grinding up raw materials. Then ground powder has to be separated by a sieve to make sure powder meet requirements.
  • Second, feed mixer is needed to mix processed raw materials. During these processes, vitamins, protein, minerals are added to raise the nutritional value of feed pellets.
  • Third, mixed materials are fed into a feed pellet mill to be extruded into pellets under high temperature and high pressure.

As the pellets to be extruded has high temperature, so pellets cooler is a necessary to cool the heat. Next pellets packer can be adopted if you have bagging requirements.

Richi Machinery not only produces cattle feed pellet production line, but also poultry feed pellet production line, ruminant feed pellet production line, livestock feed pellet production line and aquatic feed pellet production line. If you have any kind of animal feed problem, please consult us in time, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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