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10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Pellet Production Line

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The 10-ton/hour Ruminant feed pellet production line is relatively large in the feed line, and is mostly used in large-scale feed mills. The following is a letter from a customer in Afghanistan consulting a 10-ton/hour animal feed pellet production line.


Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know the price of a complete feed production line that could be used by Ruminant, chicken and animals with capacity of 10T/H. We will be operating in Afghanistan; the most important for us to acquire a machinery with lowest power consumption or a production line that could save power utility. We look forward to your quotation along with all services that you offering.

Price of 10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Pellet Production Line

10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Pellet Production Line,depending on the configuration, the price may vary from high to low. Generally, the low-level configuration refers to semi-automation, and some sections require a lot of labor. If the labor cost is low in some countries, if you want to save investment, you can consider low-level configuration. High-level configuration does not require labor or a small number of workers, of course, the price is quite high. Standard configuration is between low and high configuration. In general, our technical engineers will customize suitable solutions for customers according to the user's output, raw materials and budget. Users don't have to worry too much about the price, we can design the plan and quote for you only if we know your specific situation!

10 Tons/hour feed pellet production line production process

1. Raw Material Storage: This process is often a technical one which begins with the storage of raw materials such crop straws, grains and other additives in large silos.

2. Cleaning Process: After storage, impurities such as stones, sacks need to be removed in time so as to ensure smooth production of the feed products.

3. Crushing Process: The raw material is then taken to a crushing area where it is crushed in two stages and placed into batches waiting for the next stage where feed materials are weighed manually and poured into mixing machines.

4. Mixing Process: At the mixing chamber the feeds are mixed using both continuous and batch methods in order to ensure that the components blend with another perfectly and also for replacing the lost feed formula.

5. Pellets production Process: The feed is then pelletized using flat die feed pellet mill or ring die feed pellet mill which ensures that the material is heavily densified in desirable sizes.

6. Cooling Process: In the end, the feed pellets will be cooled to between 75-85degrees. Sieving machine is also needed as the sieving process is able to separate powder from finished feed pellets in which the pellets are packed while powder goes back to pelletizing process.

10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Pellet Mill
10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Pellet Mill

10 Tons/hour Ruminant Feed Line Manufacturers

The 10Tons/hour feed line is not a small project, so be sure to compare and understand when choosing a manufacturer. Because of the large output, this production line must use a ring die pellet machine. If some small flat die pellet machine manufacturers say it can be done, don't believe it. The maximum output of a flat die pellet machine is 1 ton/hour. Some manufacturers say they can produce 10 Tons/hour pellets, but you have to purchase at least 10 flat die pellet machines. Do you have enough space for these devices? Large output and large tonnage must use ring die pellet machine.

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