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How to choose the right feed pellet production equipment?

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Feed pellet production equipment is not a single piece of equipment, and usually requires multiple equipment to cooperate. A complete feed pellet production line includes a complete set of feed pellet machine equipment, which mainly includes feed granulators, feed grinders, mixers, coolers, crushers, classifiers, packing scales, etc. How do we choose the right feed pellet production equipment?

How to choose the right feed pellet production equipment
How to choose the right feed pellet production equipment

1.Determine the yield of pellets

There are many feed pellet production equipment, and the output is also large or small. The small feed pellet production line has 1-2t / h, the big ones have 8-10t / h, 15-20t / h, 30t / h and so on. Determined the feed production volume basically determined the pelletizer model and other equipment models.

2.Finding reliable manufacturers

When the output is determined, we need to find a reliable manufacturer. Which manufacturer of feed pellet production equipment is good? Richi Lisa knows that there are many high-quality feed pellet equipment manufacturers in the world, but users may not know that this requires users to shop around. Choose according to the size of the manufacturer, product quality, after-sales and price. For manufacturers below the market price, we must be cautious, and must not be greedy for cheap and suffer big losses.

How to choose the right feed pellet production equipment

3.Design scheme and quotation

Generally strong particle equipment manufacturers have their own engineers to design solutions for different needs of users. China Richi is such a company, according to the needs of users, to make production plans and quotations for users for free. As China's leading pellet equipment manufacturer, Richi has more than 3,000 user cases in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, with output ranging from 1t / h to 50t / h.

If you are looking for a reliable pellet mill manufacturer or feed pellet production line, welcome to consult us or pay attention to it, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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