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General Faults Of Feed Extruder And Troubleshooting

  • Date: 2020-04-15 08:50:04
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Feed expander often has some malfunctions in operation, specifically:

1. When processing soybean, the outlet and outlet of the expansion chamber can not be discharged.

Reason: Too much feed in a short time, causing blockage

Exclusion: Reduce feeding speed.

2. When processing soybean, the extruded soybean flour contains bean flakes.

Reasons: raw materials have not been crushed or crushed too large particle size, screen leakage, damage, etc.

Exclusion: Check the crusher and replace the new screen.

3. The temperature in the expansion chamber does not reach the required rated temperature.

Reasons: pressure ring ratio diameter is too small or the amount of steam added is insufficient, quenching temperature is too low, or pressure ring or screw wear.

Removal method: Replace with a larger pressure ring or increase the quenching and tempering temperature. The material temperature after quenching and tempering should be between 80 and 90 C. Keep the oil content in the jacket of the expansion chamber: the first surface temperature is 60 C, the second is 100 C, the third is 125 C, and the fourth is 145 C.

Feed Extruder

4. Blockage of non-material or paste-like dilute material in processing powdery extruded material

Reasons: Water supply and steam pressure are too small or too large, and steam volume is too small.

Removal method: adjust water or steam pressure.

5. Production is declining, and it can't reach capacity.

Cause: Conical pressure ring or wear ring wear, or screw head wear seriously.

Exclusion: Replace worn parts.

6. Suddenly not to be unexpected in normal work

feed pellet extruder


1) Too much feed in a short time.

2) Foreign body blocked the discharge hole.

Exclusion methods:

1) Slow down the feeding speed.

2) Shut down, dismantle and clean up.

Feed Extruder

7. The diameter of extruded particles is too large or too small.

Reason: The die hole at the discharging end is too big or too small.

Exclusion method: Configure appropriate discharge die hole size according to requirements.

8. Extruded soybean flour is ejected back from the inlet and outlet when processing soybean.


1) Feeding too fast and too much.

2) The discharge is not smooth or blocked.

3) The screw head and pressure ring are not properly arranged.

4) The abrasion of the expansion chamber is serious.

Removal method: control the feed speed and feed rate, adjust the distance between the discharging screw plug and the tapered nail at the axle end according to the requirement of fault 1, reassemble after inspection and replace the new expansion cavity.

9. The product is blocked before it is discharged from the die hole


1) The size of raw material is too large relative to the size of die hole.

2) The water is insufficient to make the material flow.

3) The structure layout of extrusion chamber is unreasonable.

4) The diameter of pressure ring may be too large.

Exclusion methods:

1) Pulverize to appropriate fineness.

2) Water is added at the beginning of the product entering the expansion cylinder.

3) arrange the pressure ring and screw head in a reasonable way.

4) Replace the pressure ring with smaller diameter.

10. Poor product shaping (suckling pig feed)


1) Inappropriate formulation of raw materials.

2) Processing temperature is too high or too low.

3) The amount of material entering is not constant (large or small).

4) The moisture content of the product is too high or too low.

5) Wear of blade (poor cutting effect).

6) The crushing granularity of raw materials is too large.

Exclusion methods:

1) Change the original formula.

2) Adjusting the tempering temperature and steam entrance.

3) Adjust the conditioning blade to make the material enter evenly.

4) Reduce or increase the amount of added water and steam.

5) Change the blade.

6) Pulverize the raw material to a suitable size.

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