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How long is the shelf life of the hay pellet machine for sale?

  • Date: 2020-02-23 09:00:00
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Hay pellet machine is the equipment to make hay into pellet. It can also process crop straw, rice husk, grass, alfalfa, leaf, sawdust, and wood chips. You can mix hays with other ingredients to improve the nutritive value.Then,

1. How long is the shelf life of the hay pellet machine for sale?

The answer is one year.Because we buy a lot of motors from Siemens Motor Factory every year, the warranty period from Siemens Factory is also one year. Within one year, we will take responsibility for non-human misoperation. We service our machine for life.

How long is the shelf life of the hay pellet machine for sale?
How long is the shelf life of the hay pellet machine for sale?

2. Advantages of hay feed pellet

Hay is a common animal feed, but it has many defects. Hay supply is rich in summer and short in winter. Haystacks take up too much space. Some hays are too rough to eat directly. Making hay into pellet can solve these problems.

During hay pellet production, the high temperature and pressure will promote the starch gelatinization in hays, and make it easier for animals to digest. Hay pellet tastes better than hays. Livestock eat more and grow faster.

Hay pellet only take up 1/4 the volume of haystacks, so it can save storage and transportation cost. The feeding process also become simpler, famers can achieve intensive and mechanized husbandry.

Hay stacks usually have ash deposits. The hay pellet production can remove the ash and improve the cleanlines of food.

3. Why the hay pellet machine needs a forced feeder

Because the grass is relatively light, and the fluidity is particularly bad, the material is forced to be fed to the granulation chamber through a forced feeder.

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