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Classification of animal feed--feed pellet machine manufacturer

  • Date: 2020-02-22 09:02:00
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As a professional manufacturer of feed pellet machine, we know that there are many animals that eat feed pellet, such as common poultry: pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and ruminants: cattle, sheep, and camels. No matter what kind of animal food, we can produce it through our granulator production line.

1. Cattle and sheep feed classification

The feed commonly used in cattle and sheep breeding is divided according to raw materials, and can be divided into concentrated feed and coarse feed. According to the form of feed, it can be divided into powder, pellet, and silage.

According to different nutritional components and uses, it can be divided into full-price compound feed (ie full-price feed), concentrated feed, additive pre-mix (ie pre-mix), and concentrate supplement.

Classification of animal feed

2. What does rough feed mean?

Coarse feed refers to feed of beef cattle that are loose, bulky, light in weight, hard in texture, low in nutritional value, and low in digestibility. There are many types of feed. Rough feed is not only a source of important nutrients for fattening cattle, it can change the type of rumen fermentation. Coarse feed has the function of filling volume in the digestive tract of cattle, can reduce the hunger of cattle, and can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and regulate excretion. Coarse feed can be divided into legume straws, grasses, husks, forages, weeds and so on. (Including hay and grass)

3. What does concentrated feed mean?

Concentrated feed refers to a class of feed containing rich nutrients, low crude fiber content, and high digestibility per unit volume or unit weight. It specifically includes energy feed (corn, sorghum, barley, etc., which accounts for about 60% and 70% of concentrated feed). ), Protein feed (such as soybean meal, cotton meal, peanut cake, etc., accounting for about 20%, 25% of refined feed), mineral feed (bone meal, salt, baking soda, etc., accounting for 3%, 5% of refined feed) , Trace (constant) elements and vitamins.

Classification of animal feed-feed pellet machine manufacturer
Classification of animal feed-feed pellet machine manufacturer

4. What is the meaning of full-price compound feed?

Full-price compound feed refers to a compound feed consisting of protein feed, energy feed, rough feed, and additives. Its nutrition is comprehensive and can be directly used to feed cattle and sheep. It can fully meet the nutritional needs of cattle and sheep.

5. What does the beef and sheep concentrate mean?

Concentrate refers to the compound feed that is pre-mixed with protein feed and additives. The energy feed removed from the full-price feed is the concentrate, so it is necessary to add an energy feed when using it.

6. What is the meaning of cattle and sheep premix?

Premix can be seen from its full name. Premix can be seen as its main component is additive, additives include three types: nutritional additives (also divided into trace elements, vitamins, amino acids), pharmaceutical additives (mainly prevent disease Long), general additives (of which there are many types such as antifungal agents, attractant flavoring agents, etc.). However, because the amount of additives is not well controlled, it is easy to produce poisons. Therefore, manufacturer will use the above additives for thinners (referring to inorganic substances such as limestone powder for calcium supplementation) or carriers (referring to organic substances such as coarse bran, etc.). ) It is premixed evenly, which is commonly known as premix.

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