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Pellet feed vs. powder feed in cattle and sheep feed production line

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We know that pellet feed and powder are processed by feed equipment. The powder is crushed by the feed hammer mill, and the pellet is crushed by the pellet machine.

What are the benefits of cattle and sheep eating pellet compared to powder?

1. The maturity of pellet feed is better. During the pelleting process, the starch is gelatinized, which is conducive to animal digestion and absorption;

2. Pellet feed is subjected to high-temperature quenching and tempering of steam, and harmful microorganisms and bacteria in the material are killed, which can effectively prevent animal pests and diseases;

3. Effectively reduce feed waste. There is a problem of dust in the feeding process of powder, which results in waste of feed. Pellet feed can effectively solve the problem of dust waste of powder.

Pellet feed vs. powder feed
Pellet feed vs. powder feed

What are the disadvantages of cattle and sheep eating pellet?

① The cost of equipment for making pellet feed is 18% ~ 20% higher than that for making powder feed;

② The cost of making pellet feed is 8% ~ 9% higher than making powder feed;

④ The energy (electricity) consumption for manufacturing pellet feed is large;

⑤ The service life of the ring membrane of the granulator is 3000 tons to 7000 tons.

In summary, the pellet feed produced by the feed pellet machine is better than the powder in terms of taste and pellet maturity. Therefore, we must try our best to choose pellet when buying. RICHI Machinery is a granulator equipment manufacturer in China. If you have any needs for feed pellet equipment, please contact us! We will serve you from investment and construction, equipment selection, and after-sales service!

cattle and sheep feed production line
cattle and sheep feed production line

The above is the article for you: Pellet feed vs. powder feed in cattle and sheep feed production line. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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