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How to distinguish the good and bad biomass fuel pellet

  • Date: 2020-02-08 09:00:00
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No matter you are going to buy wood pellets for your pellet stoves or you are determined to buy a pellet mill to make wood pellets by yourself, it’s essentially important for you to know how to tell a good quality wood pellet from a bad one. 

How to distinguish the good and bad biomass fuel pellet: one look two smells three touches

The quality of biomass pellet directly affects the thermal energy of the biomass burner. How to choose a good quality particulate fuel has also become a required course for users. When customers choose pellet fuel, they only consider the pellet price and ignore the pellet quality problem. So, how to distinguish the quality of biomass fuel pellet? The main thing is to look at it, hear it, and touch it.

How to distinguish the good and bad biomass fuel pellet

1. Observe the pellet color, gloss, purity, ash content after combustion, and various types of raw materials. Wood chips and straw pellet are mostly light yellow and brown, while domestic garbage pellet are black. Purity is to say into the grain condition. The better the condition is, the longer the length is, and the less the scrap is, the finer the pellet are; the less ash after the combustion of the produced particulate fuel, it means that the raw materials are pure and the quality is good. The ash content of the pellet is slightly larger. The ash content of domestic garbage pellet is the highest, up to 30%, and the quality is the lowest. In addition, in order to save costs, many factories add impurities such as lime and talc to the pellet. After burning, the ash content is white; quality The better the pellet, the higher the gloss, and the lump of garbage pellet is dull.

2. Smell the pellet. Because biomass pellet cannot be added with task additives during the production process, most of the pellet also retain the smell of their raw materials. Wood pellet have a woody aroma, and various straw pellet also have their own unique straw smell.domestic garbage pellet have a stinky smell after fermentation in the stinky ditch.

3. Touch the pellet by hand to identify the quality of the pellet. Touch the granules by hand, the surface is smooth, no cracks, no debris, high hardness, indicating good quality; the surface is not smooth, there are obvious cracks, a lot of debris, the quality of the granules crushed by a pinch is not good.

Now that we know how to distinguish the quality of pellets, if we produce pellets ourselves, we must also learn to distinguish the quality of biomass pellet machine. The high-quality pellet machine has large output, few failures, and the production process is easy to operate. Poor-quality pellet machines are prone to failure, short service life, and affect the quality of pellets produced.

The above is the article for you: How to distinguish the good and bad biomass fuel pellet.

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