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Will the high water content of the material cause the granulator to block?

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Customers and friends after buying our feed pellet machine equipment will definitely want better production work, instead of the phenomenon of clogging, which affects the output. Here is how to avoid the problem.

When the moisture content of the material particles is too high, the phenomenon of blocking the feed particle machine often occurs. Therefore, we tried to construct after testing the moisture of the particles. If the moisture is too high, we should dry it and try to avoid moisture in the particles. The construction at this time will increase the load of the machine and affect the normal operation of the granulator.

Will the high water content of the material cause the granulator to block?
Will the high water content of the material cause the granulator to block?

The surface of the material particles is too smooth, which is also a problem. This can explain that the hard material of the feed pellet machine is too high, and the ring die compression is relatively small. It is necessary to increase the compression holes. This phenomenon is relatively rare, and this problem is rarely encountered, but It is necessary to avoid it as soon as possible.

The first thing to do is to check the raw materials before construction to see if there are hard objects and so on. This is very important.

The feed pellet machine itself has cracks on the pellet machine. This phenomenon is very obvious. Generally, such a failure of the pellet machine will be heard from the sound. The pellet machine will make a lot of loud noise during operation, or a lot of noise. This phenomenon indicates that There is a malfunction, so we have to stop the inspection.

After the feed pellet machine is put into use, we often encounter problems with the quality of the machine itself. Most of the reasons are due to the customer's long hours of use, so this should be taken into account when operating the granulator.

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