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How to reduce the failure of biomass pellet machine equipment?

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With the great popularity of energy fuels in the global environmental protection field, not only has the problem of global environmental governance improved, but it has also led to the development of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in China.

Our plant has advanced technical experience in the field of manufacturing biomass pellet machines, and has a guarantee of quality. At the same time, the pellet fuel products produced by the equipment also meet the standards, becoming a popular brand manufacturer at home and abroad. Although the quality of our biomass granulators has product quality advantages, it cannot guarantee that some users will cause great damage to the machine due to carelessness during use.

How to reduce the failure of biomass pellet machine equipment?
How to reduce the failure of biomass pellet machine equipment?

How to reduce the failure of biomass pellet machine equipment?

1. when using the biomass pellet machine, check whether the power supply is in good contact. This is not only to protect the wood pellets of the biomass pellet machine, but also to ensure the safety of personnel. If there is a problem with the power supply, the host and adapter of the biomass pellet machine may be burned. This problem has occurred many times, but many people still do not pay attention to this.

2. do not shake the machine during the operation of the biomass pellet machine. Since the machine is running, After the shaker is added, the screen will also shake, so the biomass particles passed through the biomass pellet machine The machine will be very unqualified, and the granulators produced by our factory will be equipped with anti-shake devices, so that the products produced can be better maintained. But still need the attention of our customers and friends.

3. how to maintain the main body of the biomass pellet machine after processing different products, we use the biomass pellet machine to process the ingredients because the proportion of the ingredients is different, so the thickness of the drying net is different, so the host The load is not the same, so the host needs to be maintained for a certain period of time. This is also to make the host more durable.

Biomass pellet machine is a special equipment with high technical difficulty and wide market demand. With the growing demand for the development of new energy, biomass pellet fuel as a substitute resource product, the global biomass energy machinery industry will face a larger market opportunity in the future.

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