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Can feed pellet machines help feed mills and farms save money?

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Costs cannot be lowered and prices cannot be raised. This is a major problem for farmers. Prices are determined by market demand, and costs are controlled by themselves. How we can reduce costs and increase profits is worth our thinking!

Here, Lisa wants to ask a few questions: Question one, where does the feed come from? Presumably many people will say that they bought it, or just use local resources. Is nature's feedback right? If it is bought, we think about it. Will there be a large cost for people to configure and debug and buy equipment to build the site? Do suppliers also need to guarantee their profits? So instead of this, why can't we process it ourselves? Our demand is just to satisfy ourselves. We don't need them to invest so much, but can we save them the extra money to buy their feed?

Can feed pellet machine help feed mills and farms save money? The answer is yes. Farming to get rich: Making money starts with cost savings!

Can feed pellet machines help feed mills and farms save money?
Can feed pellet machines help feed mills and farms save money?

If our farming uses the feedback of nature, then we think about whether the raw materials used in this farming are seasonal substances? Then in the cold winter, all things wither and fade, we can't let our livestock go hungry. Moreover, nature also needs its own recovery period. Excessive utilization is difficult to ensure long-term development in the future.

For example, at present, relatively cheap feed materials such as straw can be processed into high-quality feed with cheap raw materials by mixing the straw pellet machine with other feed materials. It not only saves costs, but also guarantees the nutritional absorption of animals. The best of both worlds, why not?

animal feed pellet
animal feed pellet

Today, a customer from Uzbekistan came to the factory to test the machine and said, "I only do Peanut vine business. The crushed peanut vine are very large. One cart can hold 1.2 tons of goods, and the shipping cost is scary, but if At least 10 tons of this granule is made. How much profit can 10 tons bring me. The same shipping cost, but I get 10 tons of extra income. I bought a piece of equipment and it won't take long. In the future, it will be pure profit. Now the labor costs are also expensive. They can't make so much in one day, and the workers don't earn enough money and are unwilling to do it! "

Everyone understands that feed machinery and equipment can not only improve their own income, but also save a lot of effort for workers. They are more motivated to work and earn more money! In fact, in the final analysis, the contradiction between the worker and the boss is nothing more than that. The worker thinks that he has done enough, but he has not earned the due wages. The boss thinks that he has not achieved the desired income. If he thinks carefully about a machine, When this effect is achieved, the relationship between bosses and employees will be eased, workers will be more motivated, and bosses will earn more. Why worry that the business cannot flourish?

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