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Is it profitable to produce pellets with a wood pellet machine in 2020?

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Sawdust pellets are a new type of biomass pellet fuel, processed by sawdust pellets, and are now a very popular pellet energy source. Is it profitable to produce pellets with a wood pellet machine in 2020? It must be profitable, otherwise no one would buy pellet machines to produce pellets and then sell them. Because we are in China.To introduce the production of 1 ton of sawdust particles to remove the cost of production can earn how much money. The following calculation fees are expressed in RMB.

We know that because the raw material cities are different, the sales prices of the produced biomass particles are also different. At present, the price of one ton in China's wood pellet market is around 750-1000 yuan.

Is it profitable to produce pellets with a wood pellet machine in 2020?
Is it profitable to produce pellets with a wood pellet machine?

One. Energy cost of production:

One is the cost of electricity consumption, and the other is the cost of dry fuel. The total of the two is approximately RMB 100.68 / t.

Second, raw material costs:

wastes such as sawdust, rice husks are used as raw materials. Generally, the purchase price of this raw material is 400-420 yuan / t. Of course, this price will rise every year, and the average price is 410 / t. Excluding the average moisture, the price of raw materials is: 585 yuan / t.

Third, the cost of packaging:

This cost depends on the size of the user size, if large users can save this cost, because large users can use the way of car installation, small users are not the same, small users have to pack halfway In order to prevent the pellets from being wet during transportation, the packaging is 25 yuan / t.

Fourth, the total cost

The total cost of the above items is 710.68 yuan / t. These costs are coupled with a certain profit, and the profit must be there because the enterprises are all going to develop, we all want to make money, and the reasonable ex-factory price is 900-950 yuan / t.

What determines the price? In fact, it is determined by many factors, such as the heating value of the granules, the density of the granules, and the quality of the granulator. Generally, the price of wood pellets is higher than that of straw pellets, because the calorific value is higher than it and it is easier to sell. The quality of the pellets also depends on the quality of the wood pellet machine equipment we buy. The quality of the equipment depends on our choice of manufacturers, so it is important to choose a manufacturer.

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