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How to choose a biomass pellet machine with a daily output of 50 tons?

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  How to choose a biomass pellet machine with a daily output of 50 tons? I want to open a bio pellet plant with a daily output of about 50 tons. What kind of equipment is better and how much is it?

  According to the subject of this question, what I think should be asked is the pellets produced by the biomass pellet machine produced by our company. Biomass pellet fuel is mainly composed of agricultural and forestry waste resources. After processing by biomass solid fuel molding machines, it generally has 2 shapes such as pellets with a diameter of 8MM or blocks with a diameter of 33MM. Differentiate, common are peanut shell briquettes, biomass peanut shell pellets, biomass straw briquettes, biomass straw pellets, biomass pine pellets, biomass pine hybrid pellets, biomass hybrid pellets, and biomass rice Shell particles and so on.

 biomass pellet machine with a daily output of 50 tons
 biomass pellet machine with a daily output of 50 tons

  Biomass granulators have different production capacities and prices. According to the production capacity of about 50 tons a day, we calculate based on 8-10 hours of work a day, and produce 5-6 tons in an hour. 1.5-2 tons of biomass pellet machine, I suggest to build according to the production line configuration of 4 biomass pellet machines, the investment cost of medium quality equipment is about 100,000 US dollars, if it is expensive, it needs hundreds of thousands of dollars This question asks what kind of equipment I want to buy. In fact, I suggest that you do n’t buy the most expensive or particularly cheap ones. You can buy some reliable and moderate biomass pellet machine manufacturers.

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