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Is the greater the output of the biomass pellet machine better?

  • Date: 2020-01-16 09:01:34
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Is the greater the output of the biomass pellet machine better? Biomass pellet mills have different production capacity according to different models and different raw materials, so the capacity of a single biomass pellet mill is not the greater the better. Generally, mature biomass pellet mills choose more stable single pellet machine,and then the formation of biomass pellet unit.

Is the greater the output of the biomass pellet machine better?
Is the greater the output of the biomass pellet machine better?

How many granulators are generally good in a pellet factory?

According to our many years of production experience, it is recommended that at least 2 pellet units, why not one? This is based on experience. A stable pellet fuel manufacturer will have stable production and stable output, and then have a stable customer base. If there is only one pellet machine, if there is a machine failure, the entire pellet plant will have production stagnation, workers have no work to do, and customers have no material to use. Therefore, at least two granulators must be prepared, so as to ensure the stability of the granule factory.A bad repair can delay the overall capacity, but not the paralysis

How much is the capacity of a single biomass pellet machine?

Generally, the capacity of a pellet machine is not as large as possible. Our production experience is that if the maximum single output can reach 2 tons / hour, we recommend not to produce at the maximum capacity, but to choose a suitable and optimal capacity situation. Because the proper production capacity can maintain stable production, the pellet machine is focused on stable production, reducing the failure rate can increase production capacity. If you blindly pursue high production, it will be counterproductive.

The above are the relevant answers for the larger output of biomass pellet machine equipment. The production capacity, configuration, and operating efficiency of biomass pellet machines are several major factors that affect the stable production of biomass pellet plants.

The above is the article for you: Is the greater the output of the biomass pellet machine better?.

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