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Is the feed cost of pig farms high? How should it be controlled?

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The pig industry has gradually entered the era of low profit, value competition and cost control. Analyze the cost structure of pig raising. Feed costs exceed 70% of the total cost. The cost of the pig farm has been greatly increased. How to control the cost? Richi believes that there are several ways to proceed.

Reasonable pig feed formula
Reasonable pig feed formula

1. Reasonable feed formula

In order to improve feed utilization and conversion rate and reduce feed cost, it is necessary to have a scientific feed formula. According to relevant investigations, about 40% of pig farms have blindly copied other people's feed formulas, resulting in uncoordinated mix of raw materials and unbalanced nutrition, which reduces utilization efficiency, causes feed waste, increases feed costs, and reduces pig farm management benefits. .

For sows, the higher the temperature in summer, the lower the feed intake. At this time, the feed nutrient concentration needs to be increased to meet the sow's nutritional requirements. In the winter, when the temperature is lower, the pigs' intake will increase and become excessive. Protein concentration will also cause waste of feed; therefore, while preventing heat and frost, and controlling suitable growth environments, pig farms should reasonably adjust formulas according to seasonal changes to maximize feed utilization efficiency, such as While doing a good job of pig farm environment control, the advanced concept of the four seasons formula is adopted to maximize feed utilization efficiency.

2. Use feed properly

Inadequate feed plans often result in feed backlogs or shortages, and feed formula changes that do not correspond to the growing season and growing season, etc., affect the use of the effect. Some pig farm operators pay more attention to the price of raw materials or additives and ignore quality control when purchasing feed. Poor feed quality not only has low nutritional value, but also causes damage to pig growth.

Poultry Feed Pellet Machine
Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

3. Buy pellet mill to produce feed yourself

For medium-sized and large pig feed manufacturers, it is better to purchase pig feed pellet production line equipment and produce pig feed by themselves if they have the ability. Although the cost of purchasing pellet machine equipment is higher in the early stage, in the long run, the cost of feed pellets can be greatly reduced. In addition, some pig farms produce pellet feed on their own, and those that produce more can be sold to other farms.

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