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Why do pig farms use pig feed pellets?

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1.Use of pig feed

The digestive system of pigs is relatively simple and it cannot utilize nutrients from hay, silage or pasture. Therefore, farm grain is often used as its single feed source (including wheat bran, rice bran, and corn flour, etc.), or these feed ingredients are mixed with some nutritional additives (including protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.) to make compound feed. Feeding. According to different feed forms, compound feed can be divided into powder feed, pellet feed, granular feed, extruded feed, compressed feed, liquid feed, fluid feed and block feed.

The role of pig feed
The role of pig feed

2.The role of pig feed

Pig feed plays multiple roles in pig feed pellet production line. Piglets feed mainly to meet growth and maintenance needs; adult pigs feed mainly to meet maintenance and reproduction needs; after digestion, feed that is not used for animal growth, maintenance, or reproduction is deposited in the body as body fat.

A. Demand for growth: Feed can promote the growth and development of bone, muscle and skin cells.

B. For maintenance needs: feed can provide the energy required for normal pig activity and repair of damaged tissues.

C. For breeding needs: Feed can support the growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy (from mating to production), and high-quality feed can help improve sow milk production performance.

D. For fattening needs: Feed can promote the body to produce and deposit fat under the skin, around muscles and in body cavities.

Why do pig farms use pig feed pellets
Why do pig farms use pig feed pellets

3. The effect of feed particles of different particle sizes on pig performance

The particle size is the average value (in microns) of the geometric diameter of the particles and the standard deviation of the geometric mean of the particle distribution.

A. Effects on the gastrointestinal tract and digestive function of pigs

The test results show that coarsely crushed feed will adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract of pigs, cause keratinization and damage of the gastrointestinal tract, and then affect the absorption of substances. However, finely pulverized feed will increase the processing cost of the feed, and may cause bridging of the feed, cause dust problems, and increase the incidence of pig gastric ulcers (caused by increased gastric acid secretion and increased pepsin activity).

B. Impact on feed conversion

As the particle size of feed ingredients decreases, the surface area of ​​the grain increases. This will enhance the interaction between feed and digestive enzymes, which in turn will greatly increase feed conversion.

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