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Why does the aquatic feed industry need screw extruder?

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With the development and integration of the international puffed fishery industry in recent years, the development of group companies will become stronger and more professional. At the same time, consumer demand for aquatic products is getting stronger and stronger, and quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the demand for aquatic equipment in the future will be large-scale, professional and intelligent.

The demand of the aquatic industry is constantly expanding, and the pellets required by the aquatic industry will be more and more. Then, the demand for aquatic feed pellet production lines also will be more and more.

fish feed extruder
fish feed extruder

1.Application of fish feed extruder in aquatic feed

Extrusion processing is a process that raw materials undergo high temperature, high pressure, and instantaneous curing. It integrates transportation, crushing, extrusion, mixing, shearing, high temperature disinfection and molding, and can process thick, high fat, high water. This raw material is incomparable with ordinary production technology, so it is increasingly used in the production of high-end feed and food such as aquatic feed, pet feed, and special breeding.

2.Processing process

Fine crushing of raw materials → ingredients, mixing → puffing → pelletizing → drying → spraying → cooling → metering and packing.

Processing process
Processing process

3.Expansion effect of fish feed extruder

The expansion effect of the aquatic feed produced by the selected extruder should meet the following requirements:

A. Particle forming rate ≥99%;

B. Particle floating rate = 100%, sinking rate ≥99%;

C. Uniform particle size, consistent color and luster, good water resistance;

D. Floating materials should be kept in water for 10 hours, and sinking materials should be kept in water for 3 hours.

4. the life of the extruder

Screw extruders from different manufacturers have very different service lives due to their different transmission mechanisms, structural characteristics, materials used, and processing techniques. When selecting the extruder, we should first pay attention to whether the overall structure design is reasonable, the manufacturing process of each component, the selection of materials are good, and the wear resistance of the wearing parts. Energy consumption.

At present, the types of formulas on the market can basically be included in the following ten categories, and now there are corresponding mature configurations.

Requirement items Typical fish species Description Corresponding standards
Capacity ratio
Floating: high starch, low protein, low fat Freshwater fish 15 ~ 16% starch, 28 ~ 32% protein, 4 ~ 5% intrinsic fat 100%
Floating: high starch, slightly high protein, high fat Raw fish, sea bass, red-billed bream, marine fish 15 ~ 16% starch, 36 ~ 42% protein, and 6 ~ 7% intrinsic fat. 110%
Floating: low starch, low protein, low fat Tilapia, freshwater fish 10 ~ 12% starch content, 28 ~ 32% protein, and 4 ~ 6% intrinsic fat. 100%
Floating: low starch, medium protein, and fat Raw fish, sea bass, and red-headed salamander 12 ~ 13% starch content, 6 ~ 8% intrinsic fat, 42% protein 90% -100%
Floating: low starch, high protein, high fat California bass, big yellow croaker, osmanthus fish The content of starch is 8-10%, the internal fat is 6-9%, and the protein is 48-52%. 80% -90%
Sinkiness: Normal starch Crab stuff Flour content 15 ~ 16% 70%
Sinkiness: Low starch Crab stuff Flour content 8 ~ 10% 60% -70%
Sinkability: Sink slowly Freshwater fish Internal fat content 6 ~ 9% 60% -70%
Sinkability: Sink slowly Basket fish, bonito, grouper Internal fat content 7 ~ 9% 60% -70%
Sinkiness: less starch, no starch Fried osmanthus fish and open shrimps Internal fat content 7 ~ 9% 60%

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