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1-2t/h Ruminant Feed Line And Poultry Feed Line Produce Cattle Feed And Chicken Feed.

  • Date: 2020-09-07 08:32:58
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We know that ruminant feed pellet machine are needed to produce ruminant feed, and poultry feed pellet machine are needed to produce poultry feed. Yes, this is limited to small feed pellets. If it is to produce large-volume feed pellets, a feed pellet production line is needed. The following is the customer's consultation on the feed pellet production line:

1-2t/h Ruminant Feed Line And Poultry Feed Line
1-2t/h Ruminant Feed Line And Poultry Feed Line

"Good Morning, I am e-mailing your organization in regards to your Ruminant Feed Line (1-2T/H) as well as your Poultry Feed Line (1-2T/H). We are a food importation and distribution firm based in Luanda, Angola, and we are considering making an investment in the production of feed pellets for cattle and poultry. Please give me a quote on the price for the production lines I mentioned above, CIF Luanda, Angola. I look forward to your response,"

1-2 t/h Ruminant Feed Line And Poultry Feed Line

Ruminant animals generally include cattle, sheep, camels, etc., and poultry generally include chickens, ducks, geese and birds. The configuration of the 1-2T/H ruminant feed line and the poultry feed line are the same, but the feed formula selected during production is different.The raw materials for livestock feed pellets include corn, wheat, soybeans, nutshells and other biodegradable materials such as grass, straw, and bagasse (sugarcane dregs). The feed pellets require an additional component of moisture, which is achieved by introducing steam or molasses to the mixture. Given that cattle, buffalos, cows and bulls all have diverse nutrition requirements, feed composition will contrast based on the type of livestock animal. The only constant is that the feed must be rich in energy, protein, and fiber.

Ruminant & Poultry Feed Production Process

Making Ruminant & Poultry feed pellets require the raw fodder materials first be conditioned, then converted into powdered form and fused to create a mixture. A separate grinder and mixer can be used to accomplish this, with the subsequent mixture served into the feed pellet machine for the molding process to commence. The pellet machine exposes the powder to a variety of elements such as high temperature and pressure as well as steam, resulting in the compression of the powder into pellets. The processed mix is at that point passed through the holes of the die, being cut into the desired length in this extrusion process. An adjustable knife is ideal for this function, with the pellets subsequently put through a cooling process. Once parched, the pellets can be fed to the livestock animals.

Cattle Feed And Chicken Feed
Cattle Feed And Chicken Feed

If your team is going to build a ruminant feed pellet production line, the advantage of choosing us is that RICHi will help you:

1. Determine the scale of ruminant feed mill.

2. Determine the feed process and recommend ruminant feed machine.

3. Control mode selection.

4. Ruminant feed manufacturing plant structure selection.

5. Planning the general drawing of ruminant feed mill plant site.

6. We devote ourselves to undertaking all ruminant feed production line 1-20T/H.

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