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What are the precautions for buying 1T2T feed pellet machine

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1T 2T feed pellet machine production line mainly includes 1T2T feed pellet machine, feed pulverizer, feed mixer, feed cooler, feed crusher, feed Rotary screener, etc. Now there are more and more manufacturer of feed pellet machine, so how to choose What is the suitable feed pellet machine? What are the precautions for purchasing a 1T2T feed pellet machine? Let me introduce it to you below.

1.How to choose a manufacturer

Choose according to the size, after-sale and price of the manufacturer, remember to compare a few more manufacturer, not to be small and cheap.On the other hand, consider whether the location of the feed processing manufacturer is close to itself. If two manufacturers with the same quality can choose one that is close to them.

1T2T feed pellet machine
1T2T feed pellet machine

2. Selection of 1T 2T feed pellet production line equipment

The choice of the crusher should pay attention to the output of the crusher, whether it meets the requirements of the particle size of the crusher, and the number of meshes of the crusher and the speed of the crusher.

When selecting a mixer, pay attention to the output of the feed mixer, which is slightly larger than the feed crusher, and pay attention to the discharge method of the mixer. If it is a large-scale feed production equipment, attention should be paid to the selection of the bottom-opening door and the transmission method.

When choosing a feed pellet machine, pay attention to the feed output, diameter, whether the operation of the feed pellet machine is simple and reasonable, and also choose different ring molds according to the feed ingredients produced. For user who have low requirements for production and have limited funds, they can choose flat die feed pellet machine, but now most manufacturers are using ring die feed pellet machine, because ring die production has large output, good quality and high nutritional value.

3. Considering the output and model of the feed pellet machine.

There are many models of feed pellet, the small one is SZLH250, and the large one can have SLZH858. Just choose the production equipment that suits your output.

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