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Factors affecting the output of wood pellet machine?

  • Date: 2020-02-26 09:01:37
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Wood pellet machine equipment is an important equipment in production, so in the production process, what can affect the wood pellet machine equipment? Lisa of Richi will introduce to you, so that everyone can better understand our wood pellets Machine equipment.

Factors affecting the output of wood pellet machine
Factors affecting the output of wood pellet machine

What are the factors that affect the production of wood pellet?

1. Grease. Increasing a small amount of grease (0.5% ~ 1%) will help reduce the wear of the granulator parts, and make the granules easily pass through the die holes, increasing the granulation output value. However, when the increase exceeds 2%, the particles will become loose and difficult to form. Therefore, when increasing high-dose grease, it is advisable to increase 30% of the total amount at the mixer, and spray 70% of the total amount at the granulator.

2. Starch. Cereal starch is high in content, easy to granulate under high temperature and high moisture, and the output value is also high. At this moment, the moisture content of tempering is required to be between 16% and 18%. The tempering temperature should be above 80 ℃. Otherwise, the degree of starch gelatinization is poor and brittle granules may occur, or even no shape. If the grain is matured before the quenching and curing (such as drying corn), the granulation output value will decrease. Therefore, it is better not to pick and dry when purchasing materials.

3. Heat sensitive feed. After heating, the viscosity of lactose and whey powder increases, which will increase the output value. However, if the temperature exceeds 60 ° C, it will easily show coking, block mold holes, and affect the granulation output value. Therefore, warm water can be used when conditioning this type of feed.

4. Coarse fiber. Appropriate crude fiber content (3% ~ 5%) is conducive to the bonding of granules, reducing the pulverization rate of granules and increasing the granulation output value, but when the crude fiber content exceeds 10%, it will be affected by poor cohesion. The hardness and forming rate of the particles increase the mechanical wear and reduce the granulation output value.

5. Material moisture. The moisture content of the material is too high, reducing the increase of steam during pelleting, affecting the progress of pelleting temperature, and then affecting the output value and quality of pelleted feed. In addition, the moisture of the material is too high, the quenching and tempering is difficult, and it is easy to form the material to slip between the inner wall of the ring die and the pressure roller, causing the ring die hole to be blocked. Generally, the moisture content of the material should be below 13% before requesting quenching and tempering.

6. Protein. The material has high protein content, and the material has high plasticity, increased viscosity after heating, and high granulation output value. However, when non-protein nitrogen (such as urea, etc.) is high, the granulation output value decreases.

7. Minerals. Inorganic feed is almost non-adhesive. Poor granulation function affects granulation output value. Therefore, when the inorganic content is high, a small amount of binder (such as molasses) is usually added to the material to improve the granulation function and increase the output value of the granulator.

The above is the article for you: Factors affecting the output of wood pellet machine?.

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