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What should consider before buying feed pellet machine

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Many pig owners are hesitant when choosing feed pellet machine equipment. Either there is a problem with the communication with the manufacturer or I am afraid that the quality of the granulator equipment is not satisfactory. At the same time, I do not know the model to be purchased, and I do not know what model to choose. The following editors will introduce it to you so that everyone can better understand our feed pellet machine equipment.

feed pellet formula
feed pellet formula

What should consider before buying feed pellet machine?

1. First the formula, and then choose the type of feed pellet machine.

Seeing this, I believe that many breeding friends will ask, "Did you say that the feed pellet machine is a multi-purpose machine? Why do you need to figure out the sequence?" For the feed pellet machine, it is indeed able to Granulate different materials. But the so-called "specialization in the surgery industry", the key points of each feed pellet machine are different.

If the selected feed material is lighter material powder, such as straw, forage, etc., you can choose a flat-die feed pellet machine. But if you want to use a ring-shaped feed pellet machine, you must add a forced feeder. Because the forage powder is too light, the structure of the ring mold feed pellet machine is different from the flat mold feed pellet machine. So it is recommended that you make the feed formula first and choose the feed pellet machine.

What should consider before buying feed pellet machine
What should consider before buying feed pellet machine

2. Estimate the output first, and then determine the model of feed pellet machine.

Generally speaking, the old factories that make feed pellet machines have rich experience. They can estimate the hourly production you need from your farm size. But this point still suggests that you have a number in your heart. Because the feed pellet machine calculates the output on an hourly basis, and the farmers need to know how much feed they need each day on the farm.

So for the feed pellet machine, choose the model suitable for your own breeding. When the output is too small, this will increase the load on the feed pellet machine. If the yield is too high, it is not appropriate to make too much feed. Therefore, it is recommended that before purchasing a feed pellet machine, you should have a number in mind, check the number in your heart with the number reported by the salesperson, and choose the model of feed pellet machine that suits you.

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