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Why do rabbit, pigeon, duck, and goose feed pelletize?

  • Date: 2020-02-17 09:02:00
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Granular feed formed by compacting a single raw material or a compound mixture through a mechanical action and extruding the die holes is called pellet machine. Generally used granulation equipment is called granulator. The purpose of granulation is to make finely divided, dusty, poor palatability and difficult to transport feed into pellet by using the effect of heat, moisture and pressure during the granulation process.

Why do rabbit, pigeon, duck, and goose feed pelletize?

1.Improve profitability

2.Avoid animal picky eaters

3.Easy transportation

4.Improve the quality of feed

Why do rabbit, pigeon, duck, and goose feed pelletize
Why do rabbit, pigeon, duck, and goose feed pelletize

Working principle of feed pellet machine

During the work of the mold roller, the ring mold is driven clockwise by a certain speed under the driving force of the motor; as the tempered material enters the granulation chamber, the material starts to be taken into the work area, and the pressure roller uses the work area The effect of friction also begins to rotate clockwise. As the die roll rotates, the incoming material moves forward faster, the pressing force and the density of the material gradually increase. When the pressing force is increased enough to overcome the friction between the material in the die hole and the inner wall, the material with a certain density and cohesive force is squeezed into the ring die hole. Due to the continuous rotation of the die roll, the material is continuously squeezed into the ring die hole. Therefore, the material in the ring die hole is continuously squeezed out of the ring die hole after being shaped, and cut by a cutter to form a pellet feed.

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