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How many particles can a ton of straw pellet machine produce?

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How many particles can a ton of straw pellet machine produce?

Straw is divided into corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw and so on. The straw pellet produced by the straw pellet machine are different for different straw raw materials.

How many particles can a ton of straw pellet machine produce?
How many particles can a ton of straw pellet machine produce?

How many biomass particles can a ton of corn stover produce?

Simply put, it depends on the water content of the raw materials, and the production process of biomass particles is also a process of dehydration.

According to experience, before entering the corn straw pellet machine, the moisture content should be controlled between 10% and 18%. Taking 15% as an example, a raw material contains 0.15 tons of water. After pressing, the moisture content drops to 10%, forming a solid. 950KG.

In summary, it is reasonable to produce more than 0.9 tons of granules from one ton of corn stalk raw material. It is conceivable that if the moisture content of the raw material is higher, the grain yield will be lower.

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