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How to choose pigeon feed pellet machine?

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Pigeon feed pellet machine is probably the most sought after feed processing equipment in these two years. The pellet feed pressed by the small feed pellet machine can be perfectly consumed by pigeons, and has high nutritional value and easy storage.

So where do you start when choosing a pigeon feed pellet machine? Or what issues should we pay attention to?

How to choose pigeon feed pellet machine?
How to choose pigeon feed pellet machine?

1.Select models based on daily output / hour output

Before some customers buy our machines, our sales manager will inquire about the daily output of the customer, because if the daily output is very high, buying a small model will not meet the production demand at all. Correspondingly, if you buy a large model machine and the daily output is a bit, it will cause a large capital investment and a slow return capital. Therefore, if you have just set foot in this industry, the choice of model is preferred.

2.Select the model according to the material

Common materials are corn and bran. Some models are aimed at a single material. If you can't make granules when you buy them back, you will cause unnecessary trouble.

3. Go to the factory to start the test machine to see the effect

Every manufacturer will say how good the equipment is, but the effect is very unsatisfactory when bought back. When purchasing equipment, customers should first go to the manufacturer to prepare the materials themselves, or let the manufacturers prepare the materials, turn on the machine for inspection, and sign the contract after the satisfaction.

4. After-sales problems for pellet machine manufacturers

Various technical problems are often encountered in the production process after the purchase of the machine. If the machine fails, the customer should first think of the manufacturer. RICHI has a dedicated after-sales department, and we can easily solve problems that can be solved by telephone. If it can't be solved, the company will send a specialized technician to the site to repair and help customers solve the problem.

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