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What causes the wood pellet machine inner wall to stick the material problem?

  • Date: 2020-02-10 09:00:00
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When we buy a wood pellet machine or wood pellet production line, there are sometimes glitches during operation. Such as the problem of contamination of the inner wall of the wood pellet machine. In the actual production of wood pellet machine, due to a variety of reasons, it is easy to form a thick and hard material between the ring die and the pressure roller. The pressure roller cannot squeeze the material out of the die hole, which makes the ring die of the pellet machine stuck or slips, which causes the common machine jam phenomenon.

What causes the wood pellet machine inner wall to stick the material problem?

There are several reasons for the contamination of the inner wall of the wood pellet machine:

1.The die roll gap is not suitable

The gap between the wood pellet machine die rolls is too large, causing the material layer between the die rolls to be too thick and unevenly distributed, and the uneven pressure on the press rolls is easy to slip. Once the wood pellet machine pressing force of the die roller on the material is less than the resistance of the inner wall of the die hole to the material, the wood pellet machine cannot be squeezed out and a blockage occurs.

In order to reduce jams, attention should be paid to adjusting the gap between the die rollers during the wood pellet machine production process. It is best to form a "likely leaning against non-reliable, turning non-turning" state by pressing rollers and ring molds during adjustment. It is 3-5mm. Among them, the granulator's experience and adjusting the hand feel are very important.
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2.The effect of steam(Usually suitable for feed pellet processing)

The most ideal production conditions in the process of pellet production are: suitable raw material moisture, excellent steam quality, and sufficient conditioning time. Proper use of dry saturated steam granulation can effectively improve the output of the feed granulator and the quality of the pellets.

And to ensure good granule quality and high output, in addition to the normal operation of each transmission part of the feed granulator machine, the quality of dry saturated steam entering the pellet granulator conditioner should also be guaranteed.

The applicable saturated steam has a softening and lubricating effect during the feed granulator machine granulation process, which can improve productivity, reduce frictional heat energy, and extend the service life of the pellet machine ring die; can reduce power consumption, promote starch gelation, and fibrous fiber bonding; can increase particles The molding rate is reduced, the powder is reduced, and the appearance of the material is smooth and tidy, thereby improving the competitiveness of the product.

wood pellet machine
wood pellet machine

The poor steam quality makes the material too high in moisture when it is out of the pellet machine conditioner, and it is easy to cause the mold holes to be blocked when the granule cavity is closed. The specific performance is as follows:

  • ① the steam pressure is not enough, the water content is high, and it is easy for the material to absorb too much water. At the same time, when the pressure is low, the temperature when the material is quenched and tempered is low, the starch cannot be gelatinized well, and the granulation effect is poor;
  • ② steam The pressure is unstable, high and low, and the quenching and tempering of the material is unstable, which causes the current of the granulator to fluctuate greatly, and the material to be thirsty and uneven, which also easily leads to machine blockage during normal production.wood crusher pellet machine rick husk pellet machine

3. The effect of quenching and tempering effect

In order for pellet feed to meet the competitive needs of the market, it must be ensured that its quality is excellent. The conditioning effect of the material before granulation is very important, because it directly affects the output and granule quality of the granulator, especially the water stability of special aquatic materials is an important indicator.

If the material before granulation is not fully quenched and tempered, its water stability index will be difficult to guarantee. The so-called quenching and tempering is the pretreatment of powdery materials before granulation, which is the process of fully stirring and absorbing the powdery materials to be granulated and the appropriate amount of steam in the quencher.
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The quenching and tempering equipment that meets the technical requirements is selected so that the materials can be fully stirred and mixed with the steam in the quencher to soften the materials and gelatinize the starch, which is conducive to the compaction of the powder and the production.

When a biomass pellet machine fails, whether it can be found and dealt with in the first time is a time to test a worker's sense of responsibility and ability. When a major failure can be solved in time is a test of the biomass pellet machine manufacturers. Richi Machinery has been focusing on biomass pellet machines for 26 years, and the products and after-sales are more trustworthy!

Why The Temperature Of Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Is Too High!

Temperature control is very important in biomass wood pellet machine pelleting process. When processing dry materials by wood pellet machine, the temperature can be set at 200 degrees when power-on. When feeding biomass materials, the wood pellet machine temperature can slightly drop 20 degrees. Then what will be the consequences if the temperature is too high and how to solve the problem?
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What can cause wood pellet machine over temperature?

  • Temperature of climate or wood pellet machine working environment is too high.
  • The tank volume of wood pellet machine and the capacity of cooling device are too small. There is not enough cooling area.
  • Choose quantitative oil supply system according to the speed of fast forward. This work will have most of the traffic restrictions in the high pressure and heat discharge from the relief valve.
  • The space of wood pellet machine spare parts is too small or over wear making the gap too large.
  • A number of internal and external leakages, cause wood pellet machine capacity loss, such as the decrease of the volumetric efficiency of the pump and rapid temperature rise.small capacity biomass wood pellet machine line wood pellet machine line for sale

Solution for wood pellet machine pelletizing

  • Inspect and adjust the pressure of wood pellet mill sawdust pellet machine safety valve and make it right.
  • Choose hydraulic oil or oil viscosity, especially when your condition permits, so that to reduce friction loss as far as possible.
  • Improve the lubrication condition of moving particles in biomass wood pellet machines, so that to reduce the friction loss, workload and reduce fever. Increase cooling device if necessary.

Above is what we share today. Hope you can learn from this article. If you are interested in our reasonable price wood pellet mill, welcome to inquire. We will provide you the best service!

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