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How much does a wood pellet production line cost?

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How much does a wood pellet production line cost? It is a question that many customers want to know. The price of a wood pellet production line depends on the output of the wood pellet production line, and the output of the wood pellet production line depends on the equipment model of the wood pellet production line. But making wood pellets is not as simple as everyone thinks, not that a wood pellet machine can produce wood pellets.

1. The raw material moisture requirements of wood pellets are very harsh.

The moisture content of the material is too high, and the die holes are blocked, so that particles cannot be produced. If the moisture content of the material is too low, if it is too dry, it will not be easy to mold and the viscosity will not be enough. The moisture content of raw materials before tempering is generally 12% -13%, and the moisture content of raw materials 15-20% after conditioning is the standard for pressing wood pellets. Pay attention to controlling the water content of the raw materials before entering the machine. If the water content is too high, slippage in the ring mold will occur, which will make it difficult to discharge the material.

How much does a wood pellet production line cost?
How much does a wood pellet production line cost?

2.The price of wood pellet production line depends on the raw materials

If your raw material moisture meets the requirements, a wood pellet machine can produce wood pellets. If it can not meet the requirements, it needs to be dried, so it needs to be equipped with a dryer and a hot blast stove. Of course this is the case where your raw material is wood. If your raw material is wood chips (thickness less than 0.5mm) then it needs to be crushed, which is equivalent to adding another process. Another customer's raw material is bark. It is also possible to add a crusher.

However, some customers' raw materials are wood scraps. Because wood scraps are cheap and easy to acquire, this is a lot of situations, so you need to add a wood chipper. First cut the off-cuts of the wood into chips, and then pulverize.

Another customer's raw materials are old building templates, so they need to change the wood chipper to a bamboo rubber board crusher. Because the bamboo plywood itself has many iron nails, it is very easy to use the wood chip machine to hurt the knife on the wood chip machine. Another reason is that the scrap building template is relatively wide, and the feed opening of the wood chip machine is generally 1250px. It is impossible to manually advance it. broken. The bamboo rubber board with a feeding opening of less than 1.25m can be entered, and the trowel of the bamboo rubber board crusher is a yuanbao knife. The impact of iron nails on him is very small. Unlike a chipper, the blade is easily damaged. There is another advantage of using bamboo rubber board to make wood pellets. Generally, it has very little moisture, between 15-20%. Therefore, using bamboo rubber board to make wood pellets saves the trouble of dryer.

3. if the output of a wood pellet production line exceeds 1 ton per hour, a cooler is needed.

because the temperature of the wood pellets is just 50-60 degrees, and after production, the pellets are steaming. The purpose of cooling It is to cool the granules, and use the wind to extract this part of heat and steam, so as to reach the standard of granules directly bagged for sale. If it is not cooled, unless it is in a hurry to sell in bags, the water vapor and heat after bagging will be anti-moisture after bagging and sealing, which will affect the pellet formation. The last is the packaging machine. This one is based on the customer's choice.

Therefore, how much money does a wood pellet production line need to invest, not to say that you can solve it with a number, you need to calculate according to the material, moisture, and equipment to get the results.

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