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RICHI Undertook The Construction Of Large Camel Feed Pellet Production Line Project

  • Date: 2024-02-14 17:51:39
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Nowadays, in China, as nutritious camel milk and related products are becoming more and more popular among consumers, Alxa Right Banner in Inner Mongolia, known as the "Camel Town of China", is seizing the opportunity of promoting the revitalization and development of the dairy industry in the autonomous region and making full use of it.

Explore the advantages of local camel resources, promote the transformation of the camel industry into a large-scale and professional direction, promote the development of the animal husbandry economy in Ayou Banner, and lead more herders and people to the road to wealth.

Camel feed pellet production line construction

The customer of this camel feed pellet production line project is from Inner Mongolia, China, and this project, a high-grade ruminant material project with an annual output of 50,000 tons, has been officially put into production recently. The project is equipped with a TMF fully mixed fermentation ration production line, a 15,000-acre forage planting base and a raw material storage warehouse.

The output can supply 50,000 camels, which can basically meet the current needs of the alliance’s milk-producing female camels and provide support for the development of the local camel breeding industry. Stable and unified standard products.

The entire camel feed pellet production line project is tailor-made by RICHI based on customer requirements. The processing technology is precise. According to the camel's physique, the forage can be scientifically proportioned according to the energy, protein, fiber and mineral element content. It is suitable for milking female camels, fattening camels and camel lambs.

Paired with different "organic nutritious meals", the safety and quality of the camel's diet is guaranteed, and high-quality milk is ultimately supplied to camel milk production enterprises. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the cost for farmers and herdsmen to purchase high-quality forage.

  • The camel animal feed production line uses RICHI's stable and efficient feed processing equipment, SZLH420 granulator: it adopts multi-point steam inlet for conditioning and tempering, the feed quickly heats up and improves the degree of maturity; it optimizes the blade arrangement angle, extends the conditioning time, fully stirs, and achieves high feed return rate; The gear-type transmission system is used to achieve higher transmission efficiency; complete supporting equipment, humanized operation, fully automatic operation, and lower overall operating costs;
  • SFSP hammer mill: The base structure is optimized and designed to run more smoothly; different hammer arrangement options can be selected for different applications, resulting in better crushing fineness; the coupling structure is improved, making maintenance faster and more convenient.
  • SSHJ series double-shaft high-efficiency mixer: more uniform mixing; can add a variety of liquids and solids at the same time, with precise spraying and easy control; top-turning liquid adding pipeline, easy and fast replacement of cleaning nozzles; full-length large door for unloading The speed is fast and the residue is extremely low; the silicone sealing strip is used to ensure no material leakage during the mixing process.

The desert is windy and sandy, and the construction environment is difficult.

The local government requires a tight construction schedule. In order to ensure that the task is completed on time and with quality, the RICHI Machinery delivery team conducts quality supervision throughout the entire process from early overall planning, process design, to on-site installation and commissioning to ensure that the equipment is of the best quality delivered in production state, highly praised by customers.

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