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Russia 100,000 T/A High-grade Ruminant Feed Plant Project Goes Into Operation

  • Date: 2024-03-01 16:58:30
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In 2024, Russian customers have fully cooperated with Richi Machinery to build a high-grade ruminant feed plant project with an annual output of 100,000 tons and has been completed and put into production!

The whole Russia ruminant feed plant includes a ruminant feed production line with an annual output of 50,000 tons (single shift), a powder production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons, a calf feed production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons, as well as 1*1,000 tons corn bin and 6*250 tons soybean meal warehouse, 4*100 tons auxiliary material warehouse.

Russia Ruminant Feed Plant Project

The successful commissioning of this project will further provide customers with high-quality ruminant feed, protect the healthy growth of dairy cows from the source, and provide a solid guarantee for milk quality!

The client company of this Russia ruminant feed plant project has focused on ruminant nutrition research for nearly 30 years, serving local dairy cows. It has been using high-quality and healthy products and innovative and efficient technologies to improve the scientific feeding level of dairy farmers and ensure the green safety of milk sources.

  • This Russia ruminant feed plant project uses large-scale granulation equipment - RICHI SZLH768 ruminant feed pellet machine, which is stable, reliable and has large output.
    Multi-point steam is introduced for conditioning and tempering, the feed heats up quickly and the degree of maturation is improved; the blade arrangement angle is optimized to extend the conditioning time and the feed return rate is high; the gear transmission system is adopted for higher transmission efficiency.
    The pelletizing can reach the designed production capacity of 25 tons/hour. Under the conditions of 2.5 hole diameter, formula containing 40% high fiber and 12% high molasses addition, the production of concentrated feed pellets can reach 15 tons/hour.
  • Adding molasses to animal feed formulas can quickly replenish the energy of animals and make formula design more flexible. Especially in ruminant feed, molasses plays a more prominent role. Its rapidly available energy can promote the healthy growth and reproduction of rumen microorganisms, enhance the digestion capacity of the rumen, and increase feed intake and conversion rate.
  • This ruminant feed production line adopts RICHI's unique process, which not only enables the addition of high molasses of 8% to 15%, improves product palatability and nutritional value, but also solves industry pain points such as powder caking, agglomeration, and mold formation.
  • The Russia ruminant feed plant project also designed a special production line for calf feed.
    Based on the growth characteristics of calves, RICHI innovative technology automatically batches the concentrate granules with flaked corn and flaked barley in a certain proportion, using non-power mixing, entering the molasses spraying system, and centrifuging normal pressure spraying, no need to install an atomizing nozzle, to avoid nozzle clogging during the production process, resulting in insufficient molasses addition, resulting in flower materials; high-speed centrifugal atomization, good atomization effect, high spray uniformity; the wall of the spraying chamber can be automatically cleaned;
    The double-spiral dragon conveyor prolongs the mixing time and further improves the mixing uniformity without causing secondary crushing of the material. The calf feed produced is clean, safe and of good quality, which can meet the healthy growth of calves at all stages.

With the rapid development of large-scale and specialized breeding of ruminants, feed safety and animal health have received increasing attention.

As a global professional ruminant feed equipment and whole plant engineering system service provider, RICHI Machinery always adheres to customer-centeredness and continuous independent innovation to create a series of stable and reliable equipment and processes to ensure high-quality production of feed and the health, growth of ruminant animals, safeguarding green and healthy milk sources, and promoting sustainable development of the industry.

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