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Multiple High-end Livestock and Poultry Feed Mill Projects Are About To Be Put Into Operation

  • Date: 2024-03-14 18:10:23
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The client of this livestock and poultry feed mill project is a Thai listed company with the supply of livestock and poultry seed sources as its core competitiveness.

In order to further improve the quality of feed and breeding, and continue to make the breeding chicken industry more detailed, refined and stronger, it has joined hands with RICHI Machinery to create an annual output of the 100,000-ton high-end livestock and poultry feed project with an annual output of 120,000 tons has been successfully debugged and discharged in Thailand and Vietnam.

It can achieve high-quality production of various types of chicken feed and ensure the healthy growth of breeder chickens from the source.
Livestock and Poultry Feed Mill Projects

The two livestock and poultry feed mill plants include a total of 2 420 production lines and 2 508 production lines.

They adopt RICHI's unique high-quality maturation and sterilization granulation process, complete sets of efficient equipment, and intelligent control systems, from raw materials, formulas, production, and quality. Control and other aspects ensure high-quality and stable feed quality for customers.

  • The system adopts industry-leading process design to comprehensively improve feed quality and reduce the feed-to-meat ratio of broiler chickens; it provides green and safe feed to ensure the health and safety of ancestors and parent hens, and prolongs the lifespan and egg-laying period.
    In the state of corn meal, the gelatinization degree is as high as 34.1%, and the oil absorption is large (7-9%); under the same ring molding ratio, the particle hardness reaches 50-60N (3min), the hard pellet feed breeding effect is good, and the broilers grow quickly. , greatly improving the quality of chicken.
  • Full temperature control and conditioning, the conditioning time can be 5-8 minutes, and the outlet temperature can reach 70-90 degrees, which can effectively remove Salmonella in the feed and ensure the healthy growth of the chickens.
  • RICHI's special pelleting system developed for livestock and poultry feed processing is especially suitable for large-capacity production of high-quality livestock and poultry feed.
    Multi-point steam inlet for conditioning and conditioning allows the feed to heat up quickly and increase the degree of maturation;
    The blade arrangement angle is optimized, the conditioning time is extended, and the feed is fully stirred, resulting in high feed return rate; the gear transmission system is adopted for higher transmission efficiency; the supporting equipment is complete and comprehensive automatic operation, lower overall operating costs.
  • The multi-cavity patented technology has higher crushing efficiency and more even fineness distribution; the base structure is optimized and the equipment runs more smoothly; different hammer arrangement plans can be selected for different applications to improve the crushing fineness;
    The coupling structure has been improved, maintenance is faster and more convenient; with the application of high-quality sensors, equipment operation can be controlled at any time, safer, and finished products can be controlled more accurately.
  • The industry's most advanced single-shaft double-blade mixing technology enables more uniform mixing; multiple liquids and solids can be added at the same time, with precise spraying and easy control; the top flip-up liquid addition pipeline makes replacement of cleaning nozzles quick and easy;
    The full-length large door opens Unloading, the unloading speed is fast, and the residue is extremely low; the silicone sealing strip is used to ensure that no material leaks during the mixing process.

RICHI Machinery understands the development needs of customers as local benchmark companies and provides automated and intelligent solutions.

Through the RICHI control system, the entire livestock and poultry feed mill factory carries out comprehensive management and control of logistics, equipment, livestock poultry feed production lines, operation and maintenance, etc., and uses the digital platform to continuously optimize production parameters, improve production efficiency, monitor product quality, reduce personnel costs, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase growth effectively, create long-term value for customers.

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