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India 10T/H biomass fuel project was successfully put into production

  • Date: 2023-11-06 15:21:00
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What is used to burn a boiler? People often blurt out coal, and some people's answer is natural gas. In fact, there is also a clean fuel that the public is not familiar with called biomass fuel.

The raw materials for this type of fuel that is promoted around the world can actually be found everywhere in India. Sugarcane bagasse, bark, straw, bamboo, rice husks... Yes, basically any agricultural and forestry waste you can think of can be used as biomass raw materials for fuel.

Just recently, the biomass pellet fuel production project that RICHI participated in was successfully put into production in India, with an annual output of 100,000 tons. Currently, there are few pellet production lines of similar scale.

India 10T/H biomass fuel project was successfully put into production

(This project with an output of 40 tons per hour includes four 10-ton biomass pellet production lines, each from four manufacturers. RICHI undertook the construction of one of the 10t/h biomass pellet production lines.)

In the processing workshop of Biomass Co., Ltd., you can see that sugarcane bagasse from sugar mills, leftovers from lumber mills, crop straws in fields and other agricultural and forestry wastes are processed into individual pieces after crushing, drying, compression, molding and other processes.

Thin cylindrical biomass pellet fuel is continuously transported from the conveyor belt and will be supplied to biomass power plants in South Korea, Japan, and Belgium.

It is worth mentioning that the factory building of this crop waste biomass pellet plant project was originally a man-made panel factory. The customer team innovatively transformed this abandoned and discontinued man-made board factory, making full use of the old factory's factory buildings, boilers, transmission and other equipment and facilities.

To carry out process transformation and upgrading, the initial investment capital is relatively small. If all are newly built, the investment amount for a project of the same scale will increase five times. Currently, the production order for this project has been scheduled to the second quarter of 2024.

At present, the mainstream clean fuels in the world are natural gas and biomass solid briquettes, and there is a large gap in the supply of biomass fuels. The commissioning of this biomass pellet mill line project has effectively alleviated the shortage of biomass fuel in many places.

For India, a major agricultural country, the commissioning of this biomass fuel pellet making plant project will not only reduce environmental pollution caused by direct burning of agricultural straw, but also increase farmers' income. At the same time, the project re-employed laid-off workers from the original wood-based panel factory.

At present, RICHI MACHINERY has established multiple pellet production lines in India, covering wood pellet processing, feed pellet processing, rice husk pellet processing, bamboo pellet processing, livestock and poultry manure pellet processing and other fields.

If you also want to start a pellet processing business in India, contact us to get the most cost-effective pellet production line solutions and technical support!

The above is the article for you: India 10T/H biomass fuel project was successfully put into production.

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