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RICHI Signs A Thailand Biomass Pellet Fuel Production Line Project With 20,000 T/A Capacity

  • Date: 2023-11-06 15:06:52
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Recently, RICHI signed a project with a Thai customer to build a biomass pellet fuel production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons. The project relies on Thailand's abundant "three forest residues", bamboo waste, and crop straw as raw materials to develop and produce biomass pellet fuel.

The project covers an area of about 1,000 square meters, and the construction content mainly includes production workshops, raw material and finished product warehouses, new office buildings, canteens and other related ancillary facilities.

The project consists of the main project, public auxiliary projects, storage projects, environmental protection projects and office and living facilities.

RICHI Signs A Thailand Biomass Pellet Fuel Production Line Project With 20,000 T/A Capacity

It is a major measure to accelerate the development of bamboo industry, implement rural revitalization strategy according to local conditions, and develop regional characteristic economy.

The construction of the Thailand biomass pellet production line project with an annual output of 20,000 tons is in line with Thailand’s positioning of developing high-quality bamboo products. It is of great practical significance for promoting the development of high-quality bamboo industry and promoting the coordinated development of related industries.

Biomass pellet fuel is a clean, sulfur-free, and high-calorie fuel. The ash after combustion is a high-quality organic potash fertilizer that can be recycled to generate profits. It uses "three forest wastes", bamboo waste, crop straw, various fruit shells, etc. as raw materials, and introduces a new biomass wood pellet production line system developed by "RICHI".

This system has strong adaptability to the humidity of the raw materials and low energy consumption. Low 60% to 70% less energy consumption than traditional process methods, machine wear is also greatly reduced, and the total cost is greatly reduced. For different raw materials, the RICHI granulation system has low unit energy consumption in the entire production and granulation process, the production efficiency is relatively high.

The total investment in the project is approximately 530,000 USD. After the project reaches full production, it will be able to digest 400,000 tons of "forest residues", bamboo, and crop straws a year, and can achieve profits of tens of millions of dollars every year.

It can also provide dozens of local jobs, increase the income of local farmers, promote the development of surrounding upstream and downstream industries, and play a positive role in promoting local economic development.

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