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Algeria 15-20 T/H High-end Chicken Feed Production Line Project Put Into Operation

  • Date: 2024-03-25 16:06:50
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Recently, Algeria has welcomed another RICHI premium feed project. The project includes three 350-meter high-grade broiler feed production lines and a 0.5-ton/batch high-grade premix production line project.

Chicken Feed Production Line in Algeria

This high-end broiler chicken  feed production line adopts RICHI's advanced process design, which not only provides broilers with a full-day ration of energy and nutrients necessary for healthy and efficient broiler production, but also can effectively reduce costs, increase operational value, and comprehensively improve feed and breeding quality. Increase revenue and build new development advantages for customers!

At the same time, numerous RICHI animal feed mill machine with core technologies also provide a solid foundation for precise nutrition and efficient production of Algerian chicken feed factories:


SZLH series ring die animal feed granulator

  • Increase production capacity, gear transmission efficiency is as high as 99%, allowing every kilowatt hour of electricity to create profits;
  • High maturity, good feed quality, improving breeding efficiency;
  • Equipped with automatic control system: steam control, variable frequency feeding, blocked machine discharge;
  • Optimize the blade arrangement angle, extend the conditioning time, fully stir, and achieve high feed return rate;
  • High maturity, good feed quality, improving breeding efficiency;
  • The optional automatic grease lubrication system makes adding grease more convenient, saving people, worry and effort.

SFSP series feed grinder

  • High crushing efficiency, good stability and easy maintenance;
  • Patented technology of multi-cavity combination in the crushing chamber, the crushing hammer and screen wear more evenly, and the crushing particle size is more uniform;
  • Multiple sets of shearing plate design increase the shearing effect, destroy the material circulation layer, and increase the crushing efficiency by more than 30%;
  • With the application of high-quality sensors, equipment operation status can be controlled at any time, which is safer and the finished product can be controlled more accurately. ​

SSHJ series twin-shaft paddle mixer

  • High uniformity, cv ≤ 5%, and a mixing uniformity of 2.3% can be achieved in 30 seconds at the fastest, greatly improving the use value of the mixer;
  • The blade arrangement at a special angle ensures that the material is mixed with the best uniformity in the fastest time;
  • The door opening shaft and linkage mechanism are improved to ensure that the door opening angle is greater than 90° and can be locked when closing the door;
  • Uniquely designed return air system ensures smooth air flow during all-round feeding;
  • A variety of liquids, solids, etc. can be added at the same time, with precise spraying and easy control.

Since the start of the project, the RICHI engineering service team has worked overtime to promote the progress of the project steadily, ensuring quality and quantity and delivering answers that satisfy customers:

“RICHI, as an industry-leading feed equipment and complete system service provider, has a series of professional service capabilities in engineering installation, equipment debugging, operation, delivery, etc. We believe that the delivery and commissioning of this project will further enhance our service to broiler chickens in Algeria and surrounding countries. The ability of the market has allowed our high-quality poultry meat to reach more people's dining tables." The project leader spoke highly of the chicken feed project undertaken by RICHI. "

Chicken has the characteristics of high protein and low fat, and is the main source of healthy animal protein. With the development of society, people's demand for diet gradually shifts to quality and health, and per capita poultry meat consumption will continue to grow in the future.

Richi Machinery has been helping customers achieve stable and reliable harvest animal feed production lines for 30 years, extending the supply of raw materials to the end consumer sector, and helping partners succeed!

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