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10 T/H Indonesia high-end aquatic feed production project is about to be put into production

  • Date: 2024-04-01 16:28:45
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The Indonesia 10 tons per hour high-end aquatic feed project contracted by RICHI Machinery is about to be put into production! The project targets the market for special aquatic products such as shrimps, river crabs, and frogs.

As one of the leaders of matured feed in Indonesia, this project customer relied on differentiated matured feed to achieve sales from 0 to 100,000 tons in only 5 years. It is a veritable dark horse among local feed companies. This aqua fish shrimp feed production line adopts a new generation of unique curing technology and strict production standards. The entire project is full of challenges from design to construction.
10 T/H Indonesia high-end aquatic feed production project

In particular, the RICHI delivery team is faced with the complex delivery environment of customers, from overall planning in the early stage to based on the actual situation on site, with complete construction plans and organizational guarantees to ensure the project is delivered on schedule.

In this regard, the person in charge of the customer expressed full affirmation, and also introduced the project's original aging process and the many values it can bring to farmers:

The aqua prawn fish feed production line adopts a unique aging processing technology. The shrimp feed is steamed at a temperature of 95 degrees for about one hour, and the fish feed is also steamed for about half an hour. Its functions are:

  • Ripening and sterilization to reduce the incidence of disease;
  • Improve digestibility, remove anti-nutritional factors, and grow faster;
  • The temperature is not high, just like steamed rice, it retains nutrients;
  • Improve the gelatinization rate, increase stability, and prevent water damage;
  • It can help breeding customers achieve great breeding benefits.10 T/H Indonesia high-end aquatic feed production project

The entire project uses RICHI aqua feed equipment, a series of high-efficiency equipment such as ultra-fine pulverizers, mixers, granulators, extruders, dryers, and vacuum sprayers to ensure stable and efficient production for customers.

In the future, the commissioning of this project will further help customer companies improve aqua feed quality and nutrition, create greater breeding benefits for farmers, and completely open up the Indonesian market.

The above is the article for you: 10 T/H Indonesia high-end aquatic feed production project is about to be put into production.

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